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Topic: Umbrella drinks

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    Umbrella drinks

    I was thinking of people sitting in a club, waving their umbrella drinks over their heads to the beat of the music.
    This uses JABB horns and flute.
    Thanks for listening. Jay


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    Re: Umbrella drinks

    HOLA Jay:

    This just fit my location now. (The decent tequila is about 4 dollars/liter).

    waving the umbrella


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    Re: Umbrella drinks

    That's a pretty good price for tequila. Wave those drinks high. Thanks for listening. Jay

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    Re: Umbrella drinks

    You know me, Jay - When you pop up with more music, I'm always ready to wave an umbrella drink, or whatever the appropriate paraphernalia for the occasion is. I'm sure I've never been happier to click on a link and listen to someone's music. You are a maestro in every sense.


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    Re: Umbrella drinks

    Thank your for the very nice words Randy. It is appreciated. Jay

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    Re: Umbrella drinks

    Hi Jay,

    Again such a lovely, sunny piece making us long for summer.

    Although winter was not at all fierce or cold, it was dull, very windy and wet (but with abnormally high temperatures). A bit of mild sun on the face would work miracles. We don't have any tequila here, but a decent Flemish artisan beer would do equally well. With or without the umbrella.

    Thanks for sharing that lovely piece.


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    Re: Umbrella drinks

    Hey Max! I agree with you that this is a 'sunny' piece. I am glad that you liked it. Thanks for the listen. Jay

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