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Topic: Gigapulse: external tracks how many?

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    Gigapulse: external tracks how many?

    I wonder how many tracks from outside GS3 one can route into the included GigaPulse? Will it only be possible from audio tracks in my sequencer or will one be able to route VST/DXI software (like the DR-008 inside Sonar) directly into GigaPulse without first having to put them down to audio.

    and: will it make sense to position for example three trumpets a few \"steps\" beside each other in order to imitate a \"real lif/ve situation\" or doesn\'T that make sense to do???

    thankx in advance


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    Re: Gigapulse: external tracks how many?

    I can only guess, but it seems likely that the number of inputs on your audio interface and the number of GPs your computer can run would determine that.

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    Re: Gigapulse: external tracks how many?

    You can have up to 32 inputs into GigaStudio, depending on your audio interface of course. You can also route audio to GS3 using ReWire, but not VST or DXi. However, there is a VST version of GigaPulse which will be available seperately.

    It\'s designed to place instruments in a soundstage, so the panning arrangement you mentioned should sound very cool. I don\'t know about three individual trumpets with their own plug-ins, though -- that would start to add up to some serious processing! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] But I\'m looking forward to placing each section with its own GigaPulse plug-in: Violins, Horns, etc.

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    Re: Gigapulse: external tracks how many?

    Oh yes. I meant routing already recorded audio tracks of my sequencer into it. So: any \"track number limitations\"?
    thankx in advance

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    Re: Gigapulse: external tracks how many?

    It would be 32 inputs using a GSIF-2 card configuration with that many inputs.


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