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Topic: Anyone tried firewire for audio?

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    Anyone tried firewire for audio?

    Anyone tried using an external firewire drive as an audio drive. I have been experimenting with running giga on a new notebook. I have had relatively good luck since it is a pretty powerful machine. I get 160 voices easily. But there is only one internal hd and I have occasional breakup of the audio (pops, hesitation probably from some other software accessing the drive while streaming). The only way I can get a second internal hd is to use a modular drive, which is just too slow. I\'m not sure if the sustained transfer time through the firewire interface would be fast enough. Any ideas?


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    Re: Anyone tried firewire for audio?

    Well for what it\'s worth..... I know several guys in town that use Firewire with Protools and they\'re successful. I also know some guys who are running firewire for Performer and Logic audio and aren\'t having any troubles. I on the other hand bought a firewire drive to use with my ibook and it kept freezing the machine.... so I thought the ibook couldn\'t handle it. Then I switched it to my desktop G4... again, freezes the machine. So I thought the Drive was bad, took it back, bought one like my friend has... same problem. So As far as I know i\'m the only one who has not been successful with getting firewire to work with audio... don\'t know if that helps but it\'s what I know [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Anyone tried firewire for audio?

    yes it works perfectly. I am running full 64 tracks in protools on a G4/733 of a firewire drive. Also I am running about 50 Tracks on a g4/titanium laptop in Logic of a firewire drive..with no problem. I haven\'t tryed hooking up a firewire up to my giga....I \'ve got a soundchaser rig which features a hotswap IDE bay so I am using that...but soon when I am out of space I will try the firewire thing.
    Just because it works smooth on my Macs in protools and Logic doesn\'t mean it will work on the PC..there are so many issues..like what firewire card you use blabla...freegin\' PC\'s..hehe.
    I would just try it .if it doesn\'t work return the drive - period !

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    Re: Anyone tried firewire for audio?

    I\'ve found firewire to be very twitchy. There are only a handful of 1394 chipsets and some of them don\'t play well with some motherboards. It\'s like shuffling a deck of cards. I might try switching firewire cards/chipsets if the problem persisted.

    My use of firewire drives is for storage and transport of data. Also it is a critical bridge between Mac and PC; just format the firewire drive as a PC drive, and it will be readable on both.

    In terms of real-time use, such as for Giga, I would rather use a USB 2.0 drive, which is somewhat faster than firewire and in my experience, much more stable. (Some external drives have both a firewire and USB2 interface built in.)

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    Re: Anyone tried firewire for audio?

    Well, I can\'t speak for PC\'s but on the mac, I won\'t use anything else anymore! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    I\'ve had great performace with VST drives (make sure they\'re 7200 rpm though) and I can easily run 32 tracks of Protools audio with some video on top.
    With Logic I\'ve ran a lot more tracks...so far I\'ve never had a \'drive too slow\' problem.

    Can\'t see a reason other than motherboard issues why it wouldn\'t be able to work with gigastudio...



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    Re: Anyone tried firewire for audio?

    For what it\'s worth:

    I tried using Firewire for audio with DP on my mac. It read data (for backups) LIGHTNING fast but was too slow for reading audio. Choked up every time even with just a stereo track.

    THEN I tried the Firewire MAXTOR drives. These things wrote the audio (backups / writing files) a bit slower, but were MUCH faster at reading audio off the drive. They work flawlessly for playing multiple tracks of audio.

    Again this is just DP experience: don\'t know what they are like for GIGA. But this shows it can really depend on the drive.

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    Re: Anyone tried firewire for audio?

    Well there you have it. I don\'t know why mine won\'t work, but I think it\'s a personal problem.... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Anyone tried firewire for audio?

    The chipset used in the Firewire drives can be critical to their working well for audio, or not.

    Drives using the Oxford 911 chipset are known to work well. I use one with a Mac dual 1GHz machine running Digital Performer, and it is flawless.


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