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Topic: OSX update for PMI Bos290 plug-in tests

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    OSX update for PMI Bos290 plug-in tests

    Yesterday I tested the Mac OSX versions of our PMI Bosendorfer290 plug-in in several setups.
    The installation went smooth. On a new machine you need to copy the library content from the DVD by hand and then run the installer and tell the stand-alone where the library is installed. Library and application can be on different locations. On-line registration took me 45 seconds. An instant registration count was added to my account with no problems.

    The performance of the stand alone version is very good from RAM. My new G5 (a modest single 1.8 GHZ CPU box with 4 GB of RAM) plays 250 stereo 24 bits voices with a superb latency with the smaller memory footprint programs (dry) and all filters and effects turned off. Audio cards used were the M-Audio Firewire Audiophile and M-Audio Mobile USB Pre.
    With DFD turned on the performance is very acceptable, dropping to 60%. I had only one system SATA drive (7200rpm) connected whith the library installed on the same system drive, so a second drive or SATA RIAD configuration would improve things. I didn’t test it with the external drives. When the polyphony limit is reached (supposing that you didn\'t limit the ployphony in the DFD setup box or in the program level) the CPU halts for a second, gives a few clicks and then releases the sounds and continues playback. Once the programs were limited to the max amount of voices (140 in my case) I could playback this amount for minutes without dangerous CPU readings.

    I was very excited to try out the RTAS version in ProTools. I used ProTools Le 6.2.2 that came with the Digidesign MBox. The plug-in shows up in the RTAS plug-in list and runs immediately. Performance is somewhat less than with the stand alone unit. ProTools obvious needs the rest of the system recources. Still I get 122 stereo 24 bits voices playback without artefacts. The CPU meter in ProTools produces some nervous readings from time to time, but the systems runs fine. Latency during recording was a little too high fro my taste (31 ms) possibly due to a large buffer settings in my hardware, which enable playback of all 24 audio tracks and 16 audio plug-ins. Selecting smaller buffer settings results in better latency (down to 6 ms which is good enough for critical playing).
    I\'m going to test the new OSX RTAS plug-in under OS9 too, just to see if it works. OS9 is not officially supported by NI but the code for the RTAS plug-in is the same; it\'s more a matter of compliance with PT standards.

    Conclusion: Native Instruments delivered the goodies. Congrats to the NI team.

    Oh yes, the OSX update is on-line here!

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    Re: OSX update for PMI Bos290 plug-in tests

    Hi Michiel,
    same experience here. The 1.8 DFD seems to have improved compared to the OS9 version though it is still a bit behind Halion´s discstreaming (taking in account that I´m using an \"older\" 733 MHz Mac and that I´m a big Halion fan.
    Altogether a very nice update without any major performance or installation probs. Thank you.

    A little OT but would it be possible to provide a description of all the instruments in Boesendorfer´s instrument list. I loose track what all the abbreviations mean and maybe I´m not the only one. Just a suggestion.

    Best regards

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