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    i got this cute mandolin samples which are sampled for each note(they\'re in half step from each other), wav format.
    i mapped the regions to each sample and key fit to it, but somehow it made all the samples in whole tone steps instead of regular halfsteps.

    i believe this has come because in the instrument wizard it asks you how do u wish to speard to sample and half step is the lowest configuration, so instead of copying each sample to its note it pushed each one half step further, to make an intresting but not usable -\"whole tone scale\" if u are familiar with that scale.

    what should i do?


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    Re: help

    The easisest thing to do is run the wizard again, and choose half tones as the size of each region.

    You could edit the instrument you have, but it would take a while.

    1. Select the lowest region
    2. Grab the right hand side of the region and drag it left so that it only covers a half tone. (you may have to zoom in on the keyboard to be able to grab properly)
    3. Select the next region to the right.
    4. Drag it to the left to fill in the gap.
    Repeat for all the samples.

    That\'s why,if there are a lot of regions, simply using the wizard to make a new instrument could be faster.

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