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Topic: Discount sample pricing

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    Discount sample pricing

    Can anyone give me a source for buying samples at a discount i.e. the garritan stings

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    Re: Discount sample pricing

    It varys. No one place has the best price on everything.

    Jacks Music

    Soundchaser , if they are still in business (anybody know?)

    These two seem to have the best prices, if they have what you want. Jacks is hard to get hold of, but he\'s a good guy to do business with. Soundchaser folks are also very friendly and helpful.

    Mac-Midi Music sometimes has great deals (I got a $299 Akai version of \'Memphis Horns\' for $169. the best I could find elsewhere was $279...

    Sounds Online (East West) has probably the largest selection, if you sign up, they sometimeshave sales.


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    Re: Discount sample pricing

    After you find a good deal, I would still contact the developer and ask if they can match the price. I think that if your money goes directly to the guy who made the samples it\'s much better.

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    Re: Discount sample pricing

    Midphase, I think that\'s a great idea. I don\'t know if they will, but it seems fair to give them the chance.


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    Re: Discount sample pricing

    My first time posting here, and it\'s to report bad news... to answer your question soundsmith, Soundchaser will be doing business for only a couple more weeks.

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    Re: Discount sample pricing

    Working with Gary, we have GOS at a discount for our registered students (most often our writing for strings class), members of the Film Music Network, and if you\'re a registered student or faculty member with a current ID for the semester. These discounts are exclusive through us for the academic community. Otherwise, the price is $995.

    We have selected packages discounted from ILIO for Alexander University students.

    Otherwise, depending on the library, we have a 1520% on the Tascam listed libraries.

    For ILIO, we don\'t discount because we\'re short discounted, but we do give free US shipping via Airborne ground.

    We also have academic pricing on Sibelius, Samplitude (for whom we\'re authorized turnkey computer developers for Samplitude and Sequoia) and most recently, Kontakt from Native Instruments.

    We have a short list of items at our Digital Audio Store, but a vastly expanded listing will be coming soon at TrueSpec Systems which will house our complete Campus Music Store.


    Recently Cedarville University purchased our GigaKiller System (with three year onsite servicing) and the University of Southern Colorado has ordered 11 TrueSpec workstations for their new computer lab. Working with Magix Entertainment we offer a private one-on-one support program with each Sequoia system.

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    Re: Discount sample pricing

    Sorry to change topics for a bit, but what\'s the story with soundchaser? (Only a cople more weeks?)

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    Re: Discount sample pricing

    Sorry, I can\'t tell you much more about Soundchaser than that. I happen to live in the same town, but being new to all of this I never got to know anyone there. (I\'ve only been in a few times). I just sold my reef aquarium setup and had some money set aside for some samples. I went there and most of what was left was being packed up. Unfortunately, there weren\'t many sample cds left... guess I\'ll be doing mail orders. I arrived on the scene too late [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

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    Re: Discount sample pricing

    you wouldn\'t know it from their website. i\'s still up and running...but that\'s no accurate sign, i guess.

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    Re: Discount sample pricing

    I am new to all of this as well! During my research to figure out a giga system solution I did call Sound Chasers and the sales rep did call me back after a delay apologizing for the delay and made a statement that they were going through some major changes and it has been hectic and difficult for customers to get in contact with them!?

    Anyway, we are currently playing \"phone-tag\" and he is \"it\".

    He did not let on that they where going out of business and I did not get that impression. Perhaps they are moving offices or something.?

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