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Topic: Destiny's Door -- Through the Wicket Gate

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    Destiny's Door -- Through the Wicket Gate

    Below is my 120 sec arrangement for the recent Hans Zimmer Competition. This was quite a bit a fun to play with especially since I haven't worked with a vocal track before so a big thanks to Mr. Gary serenitymusician who posted this awhile back. Deadlines being what they are it is the first piece I have completed in months (being as it's too late to go back and tweak the bits I'm not pleased with.)


    I did a rough calculation and with > 6,000 entries submitted there are over 8 continuous days of arrangements for this piece. That should be enough to drive the interns batty.

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    Re: Destiny's Door -- Through the Wicket Gate

    Daniel, this is great that you posted this. I've been curious what people were coming up with for that contest. -- This is wild stuff! You came up with something very interesting, fraught with drama -tension filled dissonances. The vocal you worked with, there's a nice off-balance, suspended feeling the way she's singing in a different key than you're in - Actually, you probably aren't very strictly in one key.

    THANKS!--And, as far as the contest goes - all those online voting situations are so screwy really. People can vote over and over, some people heavily recruit friends to do the same - When MakeMusic conducted a composition contest on Facebook, it was a total joke, the way the voting went. BUT - it doesn't matter. Nobody's going to really hear all these, as you point out. The best self-promoter will win - yawn - so much for the contest really.

    OR - maybe I'm wrong and your piece will get attention, will go viral or something, and next you know, you'll be in Hollywood conducting an orchestra!

    Fun stuff - Thanks again.


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    Re: Destiny's Door -- Through the Wicket Gate

    Randy, Thanks so much for the listen and the kind remarks.

    Your quite right on your key observation. I had the original theme peg in D-Major and quite unintentionally wrapped it around in approximately d-minor. I set off with an opening idea and started folding in the D-Major theme and didn't even realize I was off in a parallel universe until I started getting some really nasty dissonant clashes several bars in. I almost shifted the theme, but I was already getting some of the tension I was aiming for and kept working around it, which was surprisingly not so difficult as the theme it self is fairly simple with long drawn out notes. Wish I could say I meant to do that or that I was certain I could pull it off again.

    Sorry, I forgot to mention the libraries I used which included the usual Garritan suspects: GPO, IO, COMB, and JABB, and Sample Modeling's "The Trumpet." The vocal is a steam file provided by the contest and not my own performance (although I can do quite a nice impression of it in the shower.)

    As far as the contest itself goes, my understanding after reading the fine print of the contest rules is that the final prize consists of the privilege of (a) carrying out Mr. Zimmer's dry cleaning (boxed starched) (b) preparing Mr. Zimmer's beverage of choice (stirred, none of that shaken business mind you) (c) organizing Mr. Zimmer's collection of custom electric Hurdy Gurdy samples on his hard drive and (d) investigating how it happened that only the drum track made it into the film Man of Steele as Mr. Zimmer is quite certain that he had included a rousing and whistle-able tune for the delight of the hoi-poloi that would finally show old Mr. Williams what for.

    This is of course a better prize then being tasked to compose the opening them to the next up-and-coming reality T.V. Show "Armadillo Legacy."

    I have to say thought it is a very cool contest idea and it was quite enjoyable even if there is no chance of walking away with an autoharp. (Now how cool is that for a prize idea!)

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