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Topic: TCLProductions Guitar Library

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    TCLProductions Guitar Library

    Hi guys,
    I am working on electric gtr samples right now and man, its soo much work...and expensive
    ...we have booked a rec studio for the next 4 weeks and are using great equipment. Mic chain is : Avalon2022Micpre-->AvalonAD2044 Compressor-->Avalon ST Eq 2055 to Studer 2inch (Dolby SR Noisered.)-->Apogee PSX-100-->Ptools. (mics: 57\'s, 421\'s, Brauner, 251, U47)
    Some samples are going directly to Ptools but most of the heavy (linkin park type stuff) gets a little tapecompressed. All of the powerchords are doubled (L,R with the option of mono).
    Right now we are at the point of too late to turn around...but its soooo much work (to do it right). I started this project to have samples for my own work since I am not happy with what\'s out there..but in constant demand for gtr stuff and always last minute so mostly no time to hire the real deal. Well, as I am working on it I am realizing how much room there is for stuff like it . Its impossible to cover everything all at once...and my gtr player is about to go numb ..hehe

    Keep you guys posted !


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    Re: TCLProductions Guitar Library

    \"linkin park type stuff\" sounds really interesting! You\'re talking about phrases, right? Are going to make this in giga format only? Phrases are pretty cool in .rex (recycle) format too


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    Re: TCLProductions Guitar Library

    hey guys,
    I forgot to mention that while we are recording the amp...we are also taking the clean signal of a H&K Zentera thru a clean avalon chain directly into Ptools, to give everybody the chance of reamping/plugs in. Actually we have tryed ampfarm and are getting great results so far.
    \"Linkin park\" stuff..we are not sampling phrases...but you will be able to perform any phrase you want to..more or less..I personally hate using phrases because they are never exactly what I am looking for...and I always wish I could just perform them myself on the keyboard...which is the approach of this library..no phrases, good patches that allow you to make/play/program whatever is on your mind.
    Format wise it will be Giga and EXS24 (24bit)...
    It\'s honestly a challenge...I constantly put the samples into the exs at the studio and play them back to the gtr player who then criticizes the performance or realness and we A/B him playing a riff and me trying to emulate it on the keys with the samples...One thing that is really cool (this is the composer in me speaking) is that there are things you can do that are actually impossible to play but sound absolutly crazy...just a byproduct.
    Right now we are discussing of not doing too many velocity layers of powercords..we have done Alt. Downs and layered them on diff velocitys but when played on the keys its really not a big difference...but makes the library/patch three/four times as big.
    Let us know if there is something particular you are looking for...don\'t forget-heavy gtrs...
    we are covering: everything in 7string, 6 String, Les Paul, Clean Gtrs.
    -powercords in different voicings (1-5-1 and 5-1-5-1)
    - single notes
    - octaves (like \"Lit\")
    - long powercords that blend into feedback

    Get some RAM guys !
    Oh, Munsie I don\'t mind at all.

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    Re: TCLProductions Guitar Library

    \"I personally hate using phrases because they are never exactly what I am looking for...and I always wish I could just perform them myself on the keyboard...which is the approach of this library...\"

    What the hell is going on here?!?!?! Has my almost 2 year wish for a good guitar library about to come true?!?!? I\'m in a state of frickin shock! I\'m going to come back later on today or tonight and re-read this thread to make sure I\'m not dreaming. If this thread is still here I\'ll jump on the band wagon and throw in my two cents. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: TCLProductions Guitar Library

    This is strange...the above post should be under my name...but its using somebody elses\'s...Hey Munsie, if you read this don\'t freak out - I have no clue why it got posted with your name on it...

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    Re: TCLProductions Guitar Library

    This was posted in another thread about \"Acoustic Guitar\" samples, I thought I would post a new thread about this. I hope \"Thor\" does not mind. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    First off, thank you for taking the time to consider making this library. If done \"right\" you will surely have a market for it.

    Apart from the obvious mutes, single notes, leads, needed; I ask that you also produce some strumming chord patches with up and down strokes and keyswitched chord changes. Make sure to provide an effects patch with up and down fret noises, etc.

    It appears you are going for a pre-processed library. You may want to consider clean versions also. I have decent results running clean samples through external guitar amp/models.

    PLEASE use this thread to keep us updated on your progress. THANKS!

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    Re: TCLProductions Guitar Library

    Power chords.
    Strummed chords, with keyswitched chord variations. (minor, major, sus, etc.)
    Bar chord power mutes.
    Single note power mutes.
    Long flowing leads.
    Effects patch; slides, fret noise, etc.

    You know what would be reallty cool, some kind of \"jam\" patch where you have 2 (or more) octaves on the left side of the keyboard playing single note (or barchord) rythm strums, and then on the right side, 2 or more octaves of power chords. You could really get that classic chug/chord thing happening. Hey you could play Judas Preist\'s \"Another Thing Coming\" that way! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I realize you will probably only be able to produce the library in 2 variations, clean and pre-processed. In the pre-processed version it sounds like you are going for heavy guitars. COOL! But don\'t make them too heavy, we can still add post-processing to kick them up a notch if needed.

    For power single notes, power mutes, power bar chords, power chords, it would be AWESOME to make these STEREO patches consisting of two different guitars, each panned hard left,right. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Any ideas on pricing, availability?

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    Re: TCLProductions Guitar Library

    Yes Sir !
    Actually, we are doing every patch 4 times.
    Clean unprocessed, 7STring (very heavy sound), 6 String (not as heavy), les paul (you know). Even though I have gotton decent results out of the clean+amp farm thing it just doesn\'t compare to the \"real\" thing. The real thing is rec pretty flat so there is definitely room to eq..brighter, honkier, bassier, ....
    I am not sure about price because it really will depend on how much stuff we come up with...It will be a heavy CD set..hehe. Availabilty , as soon as we are done but planning January 2003...ready for the Namm show. It all depends how many projects/sessions I gotta do in the next few months which will bite on the time I have in the studio for the guitar stuff. I really am trying to keep my schedule open to do only this but you know how it is in this industry - gotta take the gig when its there !

    As far as stereo sounds are concerned. They are all \"double\" tracked. So the same guitar played twice and panned left and right. This you will have the same patch with 2 other guitars and clean, you could quadrupel / sixtupel just by copying the same track to another channel with the same patch/diff gtr. Or if you want the stereo build out of 2 gtrs....play it with the mono ver. pan it right, then use same patch w/diff gtr and pan it to the left...bam !

    Thanks for th feedback. Once again, get some RAM guys.

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    Re: TCLProductions Guitar Library

    Once again, get some RAM guys
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Giga only reads 1 GB, so pray for V3.1 (NEVER buy any software with a version number entind in \'dot-zero\' [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    But those guitars could be sweet!


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    Re: TCLProductions Guitar Library

    Wow... this sounds very much worth waiting for. I KNEW someone was going to attempt to do a good NON loop/phrase guitar sample library. It\'s about frickin time! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Good luck and I hope you can post some demos soon.

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