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Topic: Anyone Using Noteheads Igor Engraver?

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    Anyone Using Noteheads Igor Engraver?

    I stumbled on a demo of this program after trying to decide between Finale and Sibelius, and was just stunned at how much I really liked how truly cool this program is. Amazingly powerful, and actually operates intuitively, for the most part. I then went to their site and see that they are not taking orders, are under new management, and will release a new version soon.

    Any of you have any experience with this program, and if so, what do you think?

    I realize I am asking this on the sampling forum, but so many of you are fellow composers that I thought this might be a great place to inquire. Thanks for allowing this intrusion...

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    Re: Anyone Using Noteheads Igor Engraver?

    Although my notation skills are very basic, I\'ve been looking at this program since 1.4.
    I really like it a lot, but I\'m too waiting to see what happens with the company before getting the \'ol credit card out; but it\'s worth a good look (The demo allows you a 30 day evaluation; check it out!)
    It is a really slick, well thought out program and seems a lot more intuitive than Finale, which still seems to be number one (with Sibelius a close second).
    The playback too, is very good and the anti-aliased score display is groovy
    I must say I liked the mac version better than the pc version though....



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    Re: Anyone Using Noteheads Igor Engraver?


    I\'ve owned Igor since 1.2 or 1.3. Although I haven\'t worked with Finale or Sibelius, I think Igor Engraver looks much better onscreen than its competitors. I don\'t know if this is important to you, but I like the smooth aliasing present in Igor.

    I don\'t use the program very often, because it\'s seldom I use/can afford live players. I mainly import MIDI files from ProTools. I haven\'t quite figured out the best settings for importing MIDI-files, so the few times I have been using live players, there has been some trial and error before it looks right. I recommend that you quantize your MIDI-file before you import. That will save you a lot of work.

    Using your computer keyboard to do note entries and editing is very good. All in all a great program at a much, much lower cost than Finale and Sibelius.

    My two cents!

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