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Topic: About time for another demo

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    About time for another demo

    It\'s not the best mix, it\'s not the best interpretation, it\'s awash with reverb and it almost maxxed out my current version of GS (roll on the new version) plus, I\'m missing both a Recit (Swell) and Positive so the registration changes are a bit minimal. However,some may enjoy.

    Vierne Symphony I Finale at


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    Re: About time for another demo

    Hi - Just to let you know that I listened and did enjoy. I think it is one of your nicest demos so far. I guess those samples need plenty of reverb!

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    Re: About time for another demo

    Sounds very cool, Charles. You have really been working, obviously. That photo on your website is outrageous. Nice to put a picture with the sound. I understand what you mean about this instrument--it\'s almost freakish looking. I understand the panning now, too!!

    I couldn\'t really judge the context of the photo. Is that organ wrapped around the performance space?

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    Re: About time for another demo

    Hey, cool organ...ya think I could fit one of those on my studio apartment? I\'m sure the neighbors would love it. Seriously, though...sounds really nice. Doesn\'t seem to be much high end, though, which sounds a little unnatural to me.

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    Re: About time for another demo

    This is a cool project. The tone is quite nice, although I agree that the sound is perhaps a bit too dark in that demo.. the lower voices seemed to be getting lost in the reverb.

    One effect I\'ve noticed that I think is particularily important for an organ is the resonance when the key is released( due to the fact that notes are at full volume during release ). Simply giving the sample a little release tail can help, although there is the problem that the sound is too bright during the release tail( normally the high frequencies damp the fastest when the valve is closed ).

    However I think one can model the release OK by simply having a low pass filter open immediately at the note start then close more gradually during the note release phase.

    I think people frequently try to compensate for this problem by using tons of reverb, but this has the problem that the base sound is mixed with too much reverb and thus has less brightness and presence. It would be nice to see an organ library that handled the release resonance well( as opposed to release samples, which tend to lock in the amount of reverb in certain ways )


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    Re: About time for another demo

    Thanks for the time taken to listen.

    David: I know it\'s not really your sort of instrument in that you prefer the Werk-Prinzip low pressure stuff so the comments are even more appreciated.

    Bruce: Yup, it\'s been a lot of hard work and it continues with Hauptwerk stuff as well - I may even have found a way to include the real release samples missing before by some creative filtering of the pneumatic motors closing.
    The photo(s)are a composite of various sections of the Great organ which on its own has 26 stops ! Other photos are elsewhere on the site. It\'s not wrap around pipework as might be supposed.The console is in the body of the machine so most of the sound goes right over ones head, down the hall for a couple of hundred feet and back again. It\'s a truly magical experience to play.

    Hudson: There isn\'t a vast amount of high end on this sort of instrument which is why a lot of continentals describe the sound as \"muffled\". we English tend to find that non-romantic organs shriek and have little body. True the instrument is capable of much more treble but there were only something like 12 stops including the pedal used in the recording otherwise GS popped all over the place. That\'s why I\'m so looking forward to the new GS which will get rid of this problem.

    Duncan: As I mentioned in the first post, I\'m missing the Swell and Positive sections which would add more brightness since the reeds used here are very fat and lacking in the fire that the Swell ones have. I\'m working on the releases (no reverb in them at the moment- the current ones are artificial).
    Definitely the pedal gets a bit lost because I couldn\'t couple it to the Great sounds without overloading GS. That will be addressed in the combinations. Unfortunately, I have to use a lot of reverb because the organ is voiced to speak into 9 secs of reverberation and sounds really strange if you don\'t put enough on. However, I think the mix could have been better with a little reduction.

    Thanks to all.

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    Re: About time for another demo

    This is my first time to this forum, and I know that I am posting this a bit too late, but please check out the link below if you read my message. It is

    Franz Liszt\'s B-A-C-H Fantasia and Fuga
    (performed by award-winning organist Balint Karosi)

    (18 MB, full piece)

    I hope you like it; I liked yours, Silver Octopus.

    All best wishes,

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    Re: About time for another demo

    Balint Karosi is a great organist and I liked this intepretation a lot. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Here it´s him http://karosi.orgona.org/

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    Re: About time for another demo

    The mix may not be perfect, but I wouldn\'t complain about the interpretation.

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    Re: About time for another demo

    Do you mean the registration/volume mixing?

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