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Topic: Is this just a bad rumor?

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    Is this just a bad rumor?


    I saw this thread over at the EQ mag BBS regarding the demise of Soundchaser.

    Does anybody know what is really going on with Soundchaser? Hopefully they aren\'t actually going away, because I\'ve found them to be a great company.

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    Re: Is this just a bad rumor?

    They totally botched my recent order. They have been deceitful and cunning. I was lucky to get out of there with a credit card rebate. I lost money on the foreign exchange rates after placing and being charged for an unfulfilled order.

    I would avoid them like the plague. BAD NEWS!

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    Re: Is this just a bad rumor?

    Odd... never had a problem with them myself on CD orders, and never heard anything but excellent reviews on their systems.

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    Re: Is this just a bad rumor?

    I was the first to order a LunchDAW from them even before they offered it on their website. My box was to be the experiment. I can honestly say the box is mostly reliable. BUT

    My experience with them was not as great as I have heard others say they\'ve had. Oh well, it was a tough $4000 to hand over. It\'s even tougher when the computer crashes or I get sequencer errors/freezes. I somehow thought those situations would disappear with a Soundchaser DAW.

    But, I guess the real problem is high expectations. And the xpectations go up as the price does.

    And of course, \"Life is suffering.\" [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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