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Topic: The mysterious Giga 3.0

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    The mysterious Giga 3.0

    Every now and then someone drops a hint about major changes in GigaStudio 3.0. (Chadwick, for example.) I\'m getting worried that I shouldn\'t buy any samples at all right now, since they may be soon obsolete.

    Can anyone give us a few hints or general information about the changes in Giga 3.0 will be?

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    Re: The mysterious Giga 3.0

    Why should the samples be obsolete? It\'s not like Gary and Sonic Implants and Dan Dean are gonna re-record all their libraries just because V3 comes around - that simply wouldn\'t be a sane investment. All the current libraries will of course be compatible with the new version. The only libraries that I know of which are in development and more or less dependent on V3, are Vienna Symphony and QL Symphony.

    It\'s funny that Tascam still haven\'t released any info on V3 - except that it will incorporate a new copy protection (wow!!). I don\'t have complete confidence in the development, mainly because it\'s so extremely slow. I mean, GS has been around since what - 1998? And in just two years, 2001-2002, we saw at least two new competitors for PC - Halion and Kontakt, both coming out with fullfledged samplers, which has some things that GS should be envious of. And I heard that EXS24 has now also been updated so it includes 16 MIDI ch\'s per instance. I don\'t know what features in V3 could be so secret and shocking to the sampling world that Tascam can\'t even hint some of them. If they do pull off something extraordinary, my apologies to the developers, but I just don\'t have that kind of confidence in a product that\'s been developing so slowly. I just read that Kontakt will incorporate streaming soon, and can also work as a standalone program. I am definitely going to check this out as an alternative to GS when Kontakt is updated - probably months before GS V3 comes out.

    Sorry about that rambling - back to subject. It\'s not like GS V3 will give you 3 times as much harddrive or PCI headroom - so it\'s PROBABLY not gonna improve performance a lot. So at least that shouldn\'t be a reason to wait -- it\'s not gonna make todays libraries obsolete in any way.

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    Re: The mysterious Giga 3.0

    I\'m getting worried that I shouldn\'t buy any samples at all right now, since they may be soon obsolete.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Gig 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 instruments? Nothing\'s gonna be obsolete.


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    Re: The mysterious Giga 3.0

    Jake, I\'m still using some old Emu II samples recorded way back when 12 bit companding was a good thing [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    There\'s no substitute for a good ear. If the guys that do a 16 bit library really have their act together, it\'ll be hard to beat them just by using 24 bit recording. So much has to do with knowing where to put your mics, and how you want your musicians to play, and being able to keep each sample consistant.

    Can\'t remember who said it, but someone once said \"If it sounds good - it IS good\".

    Besides, who really wants to wait?

    Just for the record, the only thing I know about V3 is what was on the wish list. I tend to make assumptions based on how much noise was made for certain features (like more dimensions). I\'m sure there are a couple of developers who have stronger indications, but only the Giga guys really know what\'s coming.

    The way Kevin and Dave talk, I have this feeling that while a lot of us are looking at Giga\'s future with a microscope (y\'know - \"I want midi CC#X to be able to route to destination Y, but with +/- attenuation by Z\"), Joe and the guys are painting a picture using much bigger brushes than we can appreciate [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: The mysterious Giga 3.0

    well if they\'re smart they will figure out a way to access more RAM...... But I second Simon\'s ravings, I\'m somewhat skeptical about the updates. It\'s been out since \'98 and they still don\'t have a good users manual!!!!! But I hope I\'m wrong, I hope V.3 comes out and it just spanks... we\'ll see.

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    Re: The mysterious Giga 3.0

    So far seems to me the only good reason to upgrade will be the Vienna Symphony and QL Symphony. If you don\'t have them, why upgrade? You just KNOW they will charge in the 3 figures for their upgrade. It might be tempting if they give up this silly 2 or 4 port no midi channel stacking foolishness and follow the real sampler example of doing things. There is no technical reason for them doing it the way they have been. None.

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    Re: The mysterious Giga 3.0

    Originally posted by dwdonehoo:
    ...You just KNOW they will charge in the 3 figures for their upgrade...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hmmm, if so ... 3 figures, and so far the main \"feature\" under discussion is copy protection. Let me think about that a minute... OK, done. No sale.

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    Re: The mysterious Giga 3.0

    Thanks, Chadwick. Always good to hear from you and everyone else. I didn\'t mean to say that the existing samples or for that matter older samples would be obselete in the sense of unusable.

    On the other hand, I do worry about buying a good piano, say, and a year later learning that Giga 3.0 will permit more dimensions and register lower velocity values, so new pianos come out that are still better than the excellent one I bought.

    No one is interested in my other question about their favorite EQ settings for solo piano? Too basic a question? Too dependant on taste? No one wants to come out and play with me...?

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    Re: The mysterious Giga 3.0

    I think a good imprevement in 3.0 would be a more user friendly editor. I think GS editor takes the cake as the most unfriendly and hard to figure out editor.

    I still believe that 1 year from now, the competitor products starting from EXS will be so compelling and hard to ignore that GS will become but another casualty of good software in the hands of a company that doesn\'t really understand it (Tascam).

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