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Topic: Impression No. 3

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    Impression No. 3

    Third in a planned set of five Impressions.

    Intense, very fast, unrelenting.

    Impression of what you ask? That is up to your mind and ears to decide. Listen to this piece in a clam and quiet spot, close your eyes and let the music take your imagination on a trip.

    Impression No. 3
    // Ars longa, vita brevis
    // http://edosbear.blogspot.com/

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    Re: Impression No. 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Sharpe View Post
    ...Listen to this piece in a clam and quiet spot...
    Well, I listened to it when everything was quiet around me, Ed, but I couldn't find a clam big enough for me to get into for the experience.

    Stepping into a dark alley in a foreign country.

    --Enjoyed the somewhat danger-fraught journey, but was a bit relieved when it ended because the percussion loop was getting to me -


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    Re: Impression No. 3

    Hi Ed,

    Your impression is what it is as you describe it: a very well set sound scenery to create a particular atmosphere. Needless to tell us what kind of atmosphere, meaning: mission accomplished. Well done!


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