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Topic: Libraries vs VSTi's? CPU use?

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    Libraries vs VSTi\'s? CPU use?

    What is more taxing on a computer - several VSTi\'s (i.e. Yellow Tools Culture, Trilogy, Atmosphere) or a single sampler (HALion, etc) with multiple sample cds?

    Also, do VSTi\'s perform disk streaming like HALion and Gigastufio?



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    Re: Libraries vs VSTi\'s? CPU use?

    it is not only question of VST because also halion is VST so is Kontakt... But the best streaming -which really stream from HDD and dont waste your RAM have HALION.Kontakt and GIGASTUDIO loads still too much samples to RAM. ---Maybe it is only my case but I find HALION best in disk streaming...

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    Re: Libraries vs VSTi\'s? CPU use?

    One single streaming sampler runs better than multiple ones (like running some streaming VSTis concurrently).
    This is due to the disk being a single device wich in the latter case must be shared amongst multiple applications and the OS has hard time to give equal \"disk read slots\" to each app. Each app is coded differently and may assume that it can monopolize the disk thus using shorter buffers etc.
    This is why it\'s better to run only one disk streaming application at time (in the case you want to push the HD bandwidth/seek performance to the limits). Streaming applications include HDR apps too.
    Of course if you don\'t push it to the limits then you can run apps concurrently but my commonsense says.
    single sampler running instruments A,B,C,D achieves higher polyphony than
    4 samplers each running a single instrument.
    The technical explanation of the above is that usually it is more efficient to schedule disk seeks \"by hand\" rather than fire up many disk threads and then hope they play well together.
    The main problem is that the operating system does not know what kind of data the application wants to read. Does the app prefer high bandwidth or fast read seek times ?
    If some of the streaming apps does not play nice (eg reading very large buffers, while the others assume fast disk responsivity thus uses small buffers) then it can compromise the performance of the whole system.
    Just like when you have a slow truck slowing down the traffic on road with only one single lane.
    The \"manual disk scheduling\" equivalent would be: with a certain frequency get the truck briefly out of the way so that fast cars can pass. The overal truck speed would not change much but the traffic would not risk getting stalled and the buildup of long queues would be avoided.

    Feel free to prove me wrong :-)


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    Re: Libraries vs VSTi\'s? CPU use?

    It would seem that multiple VSTis would be more taxing because of more resources (like graphics for instance) being run multiple times. Wonder how this can be tested though?

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