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Topic: Very OT: EQ in Sound Forge...

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    Very OT: EQ in Sound Forge...


    I have a question for the EQ experts concerning the EQ\'s in SoundForge (4.5 to 6.0b):

    1) I take a normalized sample and use the paragraphic EQ.

    2) I set the Low Shelf freq. to 212 and withdraw 4 dB. I also set the Hi Shelf to 3000 and withdraw to inf.

    3) Since I have only removed dB\'s I expect to have a quieter gain when processed - but wrong: The gain is now louder!!!

    Can anyone explain this? SF have always done this, but now I actually need the EQ to work...

    Any help appreciated (maybe some alternative EQ\'s)

    PS. How is cool Edit pro?

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    Re: Very OT: EQ in Sound Forge...


    I just tried the same EQ you described and got the same results. No clipping with the EQ disabled, and clipping with it enabled, despite the fact that I only lowered the bands. Sounds like a bug. Have you reported it to Sonic Foundry?

    I am not at home now, so I can\'t test this, but I do like the Sonic Timeworks EQ that comes with Sonar XL. www.sonictimeworks.com

    You could also check the Waves Renaissance EQ. You can download a fully functional demo for free. Be aware that it will install Pace copy protection on your machine though.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Very OT: EQ in Sound Forge...

    I set up the same test, and yes it does. However, the clipping only came in at the INF setting on the 3000hz setting. Meaning at one level higher(-24.9db)no clipping here. Don\'t know if that will work for you. Good luck!

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