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Topic: LOTR, Howard Shore, and a picture...

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    LOTR, Howard Shore, and a picture...

    Here is an interesting link to the recording session for Lord of the Rings:
    Thanks to RYAN (R M) for the link.
    I very much admire the works of Howard Shore (LOTR and Final Fantasy), and I have a great interest in the sound quality of the London Symphony Orchestra. There is a picture of the orchestra in the above link. If you ever had questions about the placements and depth of instruments, here is a good example. True, they are miked and who knows where the sound will end up in the stereo field, but it IS a live setup for the conductor and players, so it has value. I have been ripping some string sections and EQing and verbing GOS to match the string sounds with good success. Anyway, take a look.

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    Re: LOTR, Howard Shore, and a picture...

    Thanks for the link, always interesting.

    I thought Goldenthal was responsible for Final Fantasy though.

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    Re: LOTR, Howard Shore, and a picture...

    My bad. It was Goldenthal. They do sound similar to me. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] The LSO is what I am doing the emulation with, so that would be FF. I am getting the LOTR soundtrack today...

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    Re: LOTR, Howard Shore, and a picture...

    Funny, I think Goldenthal has a total different sound from the two recent Shore scores I\'ve heard.

    Goldenthal is generally more percussive and \"FFF\" sounding.

    even inter view with the vampire had that ugly bass trombone at FFF, or was it a cimbalo or whatever its called. I just never liked how it popped its head up and sounded overblown..
    i love the stuff in Final Fantasy tho. BIIIIIIIG Brass [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: LOTR, Howard Shore, and a picture...

    I enjoyed Final Fantasy as well as Goldenthal\'s Titus (Anthony Hopkins version). Magnificent sounding score. Michael Collins is also worth a listen. Some of the melodic ideas from Alien3 were also very nice (Adagio) - I think I\'ll take that one out for a listen again one of these days. For something completely different The Butcher Boy also has a wickedly twisted sound to it (to of course suite a wickedly twisted film!).


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    Re: LOTR, Howard Shore, and a picture...

    Well, Goldenthal and Shore are my favourite composers for some time. But I find their sound and orchestration trademarks very different?
    Alien3 breathtaking. One of my favourite scores of all time, the only problem I have with Goldenthal is that everything else he did afterwards is very very close to Alien3 score..
    As for Shore...ahhh..what a composer..
    Dead Ringers, The Cell, The Fly...sooooo goood..


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    Re: LOTR, Howard Shore, and a picture...

    Baaah.... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Cutthroat Island is without doubt my favorite score of all time. Incredible textures, harmonies, orchestrations, themes, power, epic-level, recording quality, performance etc. etc.

    Of Shore\'s scores I\'d say The Cell is his best, but only the opening cue. That IS a great cue, though.

    I enjoy some of Goldenthals music, especially because of the way he orchestrates (or has it orchestrated), with plenty of FFF brass.
    I\'m a sucker for great themes though, and that\'s something Goldenthal and Shore lacks the knack for IMO.


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    Re: LOTR, Howard Shore, and a picture...

    Hmmm. This LOTR recording setup should sound very full and powerful, but I think LOTR is an example of a score production that sounds kinda flat, too \"controlled\". It could have way more power and depth in the sound.

    Cutthroat Island would be a great example. I\'d like to see the recording setup for that one. Or Signs perhaps.


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    Re: LOTR, Howard Shore, and a picture...

    Talking of orchestral seating arrangements, for anyone who might have missed them the first time, here are 2 that Doyle sent me (thanks again Doyle!):

    Seating Chart One

    Seating Chart Two

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