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Topic: What is with these new sample cd's?!?!?!

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    What is with these new sample cd\'s?!?!?!

    Man, I just want to buy a good sampler, and then get some good cds (drums, percussion, bass, strings). So I hear about the new DKH Superior, but it is used with an included sampler! So I figure, ok then DKH2 - same thing! And then the best percussion solution I have found is Yellow Tools Culture. Then there is Trilogy. Can someone tell me what kind of monstrous computer would one need to run a bunch of VSTi\'s in Cubase SX2, which is a CPU monster already.



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    Re: What is with these new sample cd\'s?!?!?!


    actually, most of the VSTIs you mentioned put very little strain on the computer\'s CPU.
    Trilogy and Culture are CPU friendly and are a recommended addition to anyone\'s library.

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    Re: What is with these new sample cd\'s?!?!?!

    On my Athlon 2.6 1 Gig RAM I can run Atmosphere, Trilogy, Stylus, Kompakt plus 4-5 other vst softsynths together, with no strain whatsoever (in Sonar 3). I dont need to render the softsynths to audio (offline processing) in most songs, they all play realtime. There are also a dozen realtime effects (reverb, EQ, compression, Autotune etc) running at the same time.

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    Re: What is with these new sample cd\'s?!?!?!

    Forgot to mention - there\'s always some trouble with Trilogy playing realtime for me. There\'s clicks and sometimes timing problems. I always render it to audio. But the other softsynths all work fine.

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    Re: What is with these new sample cd\'s?!?!?!

    This is true (samplers are usually low-cpu impact technologies), however, a multi-engine scenario can be a disk-subsystem killer if you\'re attempting to run different disk-streaming technologies while also streaming on your DAW app. In those cases, it is definitely preferable to have a single sampler-engine speaking to the disk subsystem.

    However, in a relatively low-polyphony setting, this may not be a limitation. Throw some two-fisted sustained piano and a broader palette into the mix, and the story may be different. It\'s really all defined by the target use.

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    Re: What is with these new sample cd\'s?!?!?!

    In the specific cases of Culture and Trilogy you mentioned in your post, it\'s worth noting that these don\'t stream at all, so shouldn\'t interfere with any disk streaming applications you are using on the same machine. They\'ll just take up reasonable chunk of your RAM that\'s all.

    I use Culture and Trilogy alongside Kompakt or Halion on the same machine all the time, and they seem to exist quite happily together. I do try and avoid having two disk streaming applications (say Kompakt AND Halion) running on the same machine however.


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    Re: What is with these new sample cd\'s?!?!?!

    yah, its not like we need our RAM



    soft synths are great, but I feel like I need to buy and build a cheap pentium 3 for each one of them, to make sure they all play together right.

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