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Topic: New upcoming Steinway D - Galaxy5.1

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    New upcoming Steinway D - Galaxy5.1


    Another amazing demos of the upcoming NEW EW-Steinway soundsonline/Best service :

    http://www.bestservice.de/detail.asp?uid=477092a81p185p46p222&lng=2&area=&gr oup=&typ=&idx=2645&flg=1&ply=1&pml=3
    (demos are compressed - macromedia schockwave plug-in - However you can hear the real sound of this Steinway D)



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    Re: New upcoming Steinway D - Galaxy5.1

    According to the spec list there are 10 velocity layers? Is that 5 layers pedal up and 5 pedal down? I like Impression (demo 1) very much but it\'s way too short. Who is behind this?

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: New upcoming Steinway D - Galaxy5.1


    i don\'t know.


    As soon he will be out (18-feb-2004) and i can buy it, i will test this Steinway.



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    Re: New upcoming Steinway D - Galaxy5.1

    If the Stereo version is 1.5 Gigabytes then that pretty much answers my question. 5 up, 5 down! No more than that. I guess it\'s all about it being 5.1.

    Even the new free Gigapiano has 7 up and 7 down velocity layers. But it (Gigapiano) will sound poppy and I don\'t want poppy. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    I\'m not sure yet about the hard velocity of the Galaxy Steinway, I\'m using monitor build in speakers here, but the softer ones are damn good.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: New upcoming Steinway D - Galaxy5.1

    Are the samples 16-bit or 24-bit?

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    Re: New upcoming Steinway D - Galaxy5.1

    Microphones: close miking with 5 Bruel & Kjaer mics, room mics from Neumann plus SPL / Brauner Atmos System for the 5.1 recording of the grand piano.
    Location: Galaxy Studios, Belgium.
    Galaxy Hall, size 320 square meters, 8 meters room height.
    Recorded through a Neve Capricorn digital console directly linked to ProTools.
    Six discrete channels in 16/24 bit/48 kHz resolution.
    Separate microphone for the LFE channel.
    Mapped in whole tones.
    10 velocity layers provide a natural sound quality over the whole dynamic range.
    Sample length up to 40 seconds, hence no loops.
    Grand total approx. 6.5 Gigabytes of audio samples.
    Included Stereo version 1.5 Gigabytes.
    Enjoy being surrounded by an exceptional instrument recorded at an extraordinary location.

    Powered by a special version of Native Instrument’s Kompakt Sampler, this virtual instrument features a Steinway Grand Piano recorded at one of the worlds most modern and technically advanced studios - Galaxy Studios in Belgium.

    Although optimized for full 5.1 surround sound, you can also choose to load a subset (Stereo front L/R 1.5 Gb) and you will still be amazed by the sheer quality of sound.


    Even if the demo are in schockwave (bad quality),
    i\'m very impressed by the quality of this Piano.

    A real Steinway natural sound !

    One of the best Steinway Piano sampled.

    But i will try/check it as soon i can !!!



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    Re: New upcoming Steinway D - Galaxy5.1

    Originally posted by Alexcremers:
    It surprises me that this thread is hardly alive.
    Alex Cremers
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi,

    Quality often disturbs criticism and conformism...
    can be it is because of my presence on this forum ? Because i say what i think without hypocrisy. (In the past, i received a private Mail from a developper. Not a very cool Mail.it was very sectarian. I didn\'t understood because i don\'t earn money with samples or programming.)

    I hope that EW or Best Service will upload some mp3 in 192 kps demos soon of this good product.

    We have to wait...



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    Re: New upcoming Steinway D - Galaxy5.1

    I\'m certainly interested in hearing it, but don\'t have a soundcard in my internet machine so can\'t at the moment. Some MP3 demos would be a big help for me.


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    Re: New upcoming Steinway D - Galaxy5.1

    I\'m listening as I write. It\'s difficult to judge the sample because of the limited number of demos provided. Superficially I would say it has a lot of presence, perhaps slightly metallic. More QUIET material for demos is needed. And longer demos, too. We are given just a few bits. So hard to judge.

    Very smooth, homogenous, almost (but not quite) unreal or processed sound. Still, I need to hear this sample with more than the Grados I\'m using for the time being while I\'m putting my system back together.

    Listening over again to the demos. The fidelity is VERY good. Definitely worth checking out!

    J Grant

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    Re: New upcoming Steinway D - Galaxy5.1

    I agree, it sounds like I always thought a Steinway should sound. It surprises me that this thread is hardly alive.

    Alex Cremers

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