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Topic: Inspiration / OT

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    Inspiration / OT

    This question is slightly off-topic, but there´s so much orchestration-genius in here, that I have to put it [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    Do you let yourself inspire by Soundtrack-stuff and how do you start, when you go for a new track ?
    Do you search for a similar piece, hear it and try to catch the mood ? How far do you go ?

    And how do you usually start composing ? Melody first throughout the whole piece and then the counterpart or finish the first part and then go on with the next... ?

    Perhaps this can become a discussion about the different approaches to make good orchestral music [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Inspiration / OT

    LOL, that is quite the open ended question. Everyone has their own muse. And different ways of translating the muse.

    Most importantly, what do you hear in your head? Sometimes beginning composers think it is about procedure and rules, but the idea must start in the mind. Having a good knowledge of harmonic theory, intrumentation, form and music history is a great tool. And also having good chops to translate what you hear in your head into a tangible sonic pattern.

    K, a few tips.

    Improvise; at a piano or your primary instrument. Experiment w/ tone colors.... write a \'tune\' (melody).

    The two basic components are harmony and melody. They have a symbiotic relationship .... i choose to write my melody/theme ... then experiment w/ harmony (basically blocking the chord changes. After i have that bit ... i try to give the melody to the appropriate instrument(s)...... and soon after experiment with counter melodies within the harmony.

    After i have some sort of \'theme\' ... it is much easier to structure the rest of the piece, trading roles within the orchestra .... if the strings had the melody and woods harmony .. switch them up!!

    As far as pure inspiration .. wow, can come in several forms. just not one you can purchase, per se. :-)

    Of course, listen to great music!!! Listen with an analytical ear, take notes .... copy the tricks of the greats!!!!

    Stravinsky said, \"A good artist borrows ideas, a great artist steals them!\"

    Go one walks in nature, play with children, watch the sunset, there are a few generic ones to toss around. A great book is \"The Artist Way\" .. hehe, like a 12-Step program for the uninspired.

    I also found this a few days ago while browsing the Spectrasonics site. Very well written, i passed it on to all my music pals.


    Hope that was of some help :-/


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