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Topic: Blues Spot

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    Blues Spot

    I just posted a premix of a jazz-blues I did for a commercial. This needs some voice over so I didn\'t spend much time mixing, but all comments appreciated.
    All MIDI, even though I normally would play all the guitar parts live.

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    Re: Blues Spot

    The vibe is great, but I\'d be concerned that the vibes would step on the V.O. I only listened to it on the built-in speaker on my Mac through a closed trap door, though, so maybe I\'m hearing the balance wrong.

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    Re: Blues Spot

    Thanks for the input. I will watch out for the vibes, but I think they will work ok in this context.
    I was interested in making this all MIDI (GR 33 and DrumKat, no keyboards were hurt making this demo), mainly to see if I could.
    The Guitar Sample is a simple sample of my ES 345, I may or may not work more on adding notes etc to the gig.

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