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Topic: Question about GPO

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    Question about GPO

    I do pop music. I have Sampletank2 and Kompakt. Also Atmosphere and Triogy. (Plus a lot of electronic sample CDs, and some softsynth and hardware gear Triton etc).

    Would GPO be a worthwhile addition? I dont usually do orchestral pieces, but sometimes need short segments of horns, violins, cello etc in a track. I would like it to be able to work quickly, like Sampletank and Kompakt do, choose sample/patch quickly and start playing. Would its samples be better than Sampletank2/Kompakt for those instruments?

    How does it run? Is it like a multitimbral synth so I can have one instance running different instruemnts on different midi channels?

    Also, how many CDs is it on and how much harddisk space does it need?

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    Re: Question about GPO

    For it\'s price your really can\'t go wrong. Thus far I\'ve been blown away by the quality of it. Not everything is perfect. But some of the sounds are just amazing...even if the thing cost 10x as much.

    It\'s 2 CDs worth. You can run multiple instances of it. (edit: er...or 3 CDs. I can\'t remember now. But it\'s not 20. That\'s for sure.)

    I don\'t know about Sampletank2, but I definately think the sounds are superior to Konpakt\'s (which I have). I don\'t remember how much HD space. But not a ton. My drive was almost full and it fit just fine.

    That\'s my two cents on it. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Question about GPO

    Actually the library is 3 CD\'s or approximately 2 GB in size.

    It is multi-timbral and allows up to 8 instruments in each instance. Most host sequencer programs will allow more than one instance. I\'ve used up to 8 instances with no issues in Sonar on a P4 2.4 GHz machine. Each instance can play up to 256 stereo voices although very computers can do this many voices.

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    Re: Question about GPO

    Neole - pop is what I do almost 100%. I\'ve found GPO to be really handy. For strings it\'s kind of frustrating at first because to really get the ideal sound you have to lay down 4 tracks for each part. But it does sound really good when you\'re done. I actually was hired about a month ago to replace some tracks that had not been done super well. The producer had put live strings on it but wanted me to do whatever I needed to make it work. I actually had to rework some of the harmonies and couldn\'t keep the strings - well I used GPO and funny enough, the producer couldn\'t tell the difference. His exact words were \"oh you were able to keep the strings good!\" I didn\'t tell.....


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    Re: Question about GPO

    Thanks for the answers.

    Whaley -
    \"For strings it\'s kind of frustrating at first because to really get the ideal sound you have to lay down 4 tracks for each part\"

    Why 4 tracks for each part? Do you mean you use solo string patches to get a string ensemble or layer different string samples to thicken the sound?

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