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Topic: Control Aria player using jOrgan - playiing it as though it were a 'symphonic organ'

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    Control Aria player using jOrgan - playiing it as though it were a 'symphonic organ'

    SORTED, demands alot of knowledge of, or a very steep learning curve in JOrgan.

    I have a part functioning jOrgan disposition that controls slots (engaging and disengaging them) in Aria player that can be selected individually or in combinations.

    The issue is that, all slots selected are only playable on one of the keyboards of a console organ....

    imagine that slots 1-4 are loaded with different sounds from sound libraries of Garritan. Also imagine that each of these slots is dedicated to midi channels 1-4 respectively. These channels relate to the manuals and pedal board of a console organ)

    Using jOrgan, the different slots can be engaged or disengaged but, all of the engaged slots play from only one manual of the organ rather than being dedicated to the specific manuals.

    If I do not use jOrgan to control the slots of Aria player, the sounds of the various slots are sounded by the individual manuals or pedalboard of the organ, as dedicated in midi setting of each slot.

    Anyone have the jOrgan experience to hep out?
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