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Topic: OT--Looking for "Gold" channel preamp for NT2000

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    OT--Looking for "Gold" channel preamp for NT2000


    I am looking for a pre-amp that will bring out the best from my Rode NT2000 /K2. I am on a pretty tight budget now, but will consider saving up cash for a good quality pre. I want something that will be extremely clear, but have some punch and depth to it. Any suggestions?

    I also like Pre\'s that offer the M-S stereo recording option!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: OT--Looking for "Gold" channel preamp for NT2000

    Oh, and also...

    I am thinking about using the NT2000\'s figure 8, and the K2 in cardiod mode to do an M-S recording on vocals and saxes. Is this a good combination of microphones to use for this technique?

    So far, the cheapest pre that I have seen with an M-S processing capability is the upcoming M-audio octane. I\'ve also thought about getting either a an M-audio Tampa or an ART Digital MPA Gold. Any thoughts on these pres at all? I realize that I indicated earlier that I could wait and save up some cash, but on second thought, I don\'t think I can wait that long...

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