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Topic: PCI ATA Adapters and Sampling HD's

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    PCI ATA Adapters and Sampling HD\'s

    Hi. I need to get a new HD for some samples I have purchased, but there is no room on my IDE chain to put them. What is a good PCI ATA Adapter that I can hook my samples HD up to?

    Also, is there any slowdown doing things this way, compared to the IDE slots? I\'m going to but at least a 100GB drive, with as fast a speed as necessary. Thanks for you help. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: PCI ATA Adapters and Sampling HD\'s

    So maybe I should build a new mobo with SATA support on-board, and install a network card and FX-Teleport to link to my main DAW?

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    Re: PCI ATA Adapters and Sampling HD\'s

    There\'s a lot to be said about getting a new MOBO, but on the other hand if you are only doing GSt and your current system is working reliably then there\'s a lot to be said for sticking with what works.

    I would consider getting an SATA adapter card and an SATA drive. The later when you do get a new MOBO you can move the sample drive over and off you go.

    Just an idea.

    - Mark

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    Re: PCI ATA Adapters and Sampling HD\'s

    The samples that I am making room for are mostly for Drumkit From Hell- Superior (35GB Library). It is a VST Instrument. However, I have VSL Mallets coming in soon, and need 10.1GB of space for that library as well.

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    Re: PCI ATA Adapters and Sampling HD\'s

    Hmmm. I\'d rather go with an adapter for the HD onto my current PC. But, this latency issue you bring up concerns me, as that is the last thing I need when doing disk streaming...

    Is going the adapter route feasible?

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