Well, OK. I\'ve been lurking here for a long time, so I figured it was finally time to come forward with something. This is just a short little thing that I\'ve been working on, made even shorter by the fact that my free webspace people won\'t allow mp3\'s longer than 45 seconds. But anyway....

For this I used the DDBE trumps and bones, QLB Tuba God, G-Town\'s tambourine, AO xylophone, and Sonic Implants Drums.

Please go easy on me. I haven\'t actually sequenced a song in maybe 5 years, so I\'m quite rusty. But any constructive criticism is welcome. I am here to learn from the masters.

Click on \"Alana\'s Song\"

Thanks for listening!


PS I\'ll also add that it\'s nowhere near complete. It\'s missing a lot of instruments that I plan to add, but currently do not own...(good) Clarinet, Banjo, (good) Piano, etc.

EDIT: Stupid webserver won\'t allow offsite linking, sorry guys.