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Topic: My First Original Composition

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    My First Original Composition

    I\'ve played piano for about 18 years now, and have made arrangments of other people\'s music but never tried to come up with something orginal. I was listening to an Olympic Anthem and noticed How it was really a very simple them not really a beautiful melody... . I thougth I should try that. I\'ve also been watching the movie \"In the Mood for Love\" and have liked that sound track so those two probably inspired what is there so far. I\'m not sure exactly where I want to go from here and if I should redo the piano and violin although they are rather dissonate - so is my mood lately.
    Any thoghts evern negative ones wellcomed. I\"m also not sure what to do with the WAV file to make it sound it\'s best

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    Re: My First Original Composition


    can you offer a working link..I\'m having problems with this one..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: My First Original Composition

    What I could see was This page is not available

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    Re: My First Original Composition

    that isn\'t really a Link - it works for me - there is no HTML on that site - just the MP3 file - so you have to right click and choose to save file - at least that works for me - let me know I could email it I guess.

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    Re: My First Original Composition

    Now Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!

    Maybe later [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] !!!

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    Re: My First Original Composition

    Well, I suppose the problem is with the free homepage form Geocities - I guess when you have big files like that - they shut it down quickly to save bandwidth - any ideas of where I can put it?

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    Re: My First Original Composition

    on my computer the file has a problem of pops and scats, that make it unaudible.
    don\'t know if other people has the same problem, maybe you have to re-upload the file.

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    Re: My First Original Composition

    I like.

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    Re: My First Original Composition


    same problem here..pops and skips..

    Alan Russell

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