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Topic: GPO playing techniques:help

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    GPO playing techniques:help

    I am submitting this short piece hoping to get some advice on GPO playing technique. My current interest is very much in small ensembles of solo instruments, so they will be very much exposed. This is particularly challenging both to the library and to the user.

    Musically the piece may be very objectionable to some(many!?) of you because it may have too many \"wrong\" notes and perhaps betray a gross deficiency in rudimentary voice leading. Sorry about that. I do welcome comments on the musicality, but if the music is offensive, I would still like comments on the sample playing technique.

    Thanks so much,


    ed\'s music

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    Re: GPO playing techniques:help

    Well, I\'m always moaning about how musicians won\'t critique so I guess I\'ll have to take a turn.

    As an experimental piece, I liked parts of it (strange, though it is). Mostly, I didn\'t understand it and wouldn\'t give it a second listen (although in this case I already have trying to find something to hold onto). I won\'t be able to analyze it for you.

    As for the sample playing technique. I too am a novice but I think I can dare to say that you can\'t \"finish\" your performance in GPO. Can a teacher grade it? YES.

    Is it enough to convince fellow students (violinist and pianist) to play it live...YES. Not that anyone will want to but maybe they will. The notes are there and as long as you can notate a score, you can present it to performers.

    Lastly, and most important. If you want your GPO techniques critiqued-post them on the Garritan forum.

    If you want your music critiqued, post it here...or is there another forum for that?

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    Re: GPO playing techniques:help

    though this is not the kind of piece that fits the normal orchestral stuff. i must say very very very abstract, but still being an abstract piece it lacks some moments of taking over the listener. the idea of this piece is very great(kind of something that i always like) but still it lacks some aura in abstraction....i can imagine some of my visual thoughts being processed by this piece.....work on it and try to take abstraction to the level where the listener just can make a desicion if this abstraction is something he likes or maybe he just cant like it because it\'s abstract....hmmmmmm, very abstract review....you might think!!!

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    Re: GPO playing techniques:help

    This reminds me of much of the atonal compositions I heard in college - which is to say it\'s not bad, but the challenge it represents isn\'t very entertaining or memorable.

    There are two things that the \"great\" atonal scores held from the likes of Berg and Webern - dynamics and range. My advice is to find pieces in that genre that you like (or that challenge you in interesting ways) and get a study score to see what the composer was \"saying\" and how the musicians interpreted it. There may be things they call for that you simply cannot do with a sample library short of VSL\'s largest set - and even then you may be searching still.

    For your particular piece I would have liked more push-pull in dymanics over the course of a sustained note (except for the piano, of course [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ). I also would have liked more variation in attack at the beginning of the piece. Mostly I wanted something to hang my hat on in the beginning - but again that could be my \"tonal leanings\" talking.

    But there are things you can do outside of tonality and structured rhythm to give the listener something to connect from beginning to end in the piece. Those little \"aha\" moments allow us to congratulate ourselves on how clever we (as listeners) were to hunt that little jewel down... but then again - they were probably there and I just missed them. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO playing techniques:help

    It´s not my cup of tea!!!
    I don´t understand this kind of music and I even don´t care trying to understand it - I´m happy in my way - though , I always ask for the abtract composers \"What are you trying to show with your music???\" , I´ve never got an answer...

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    Re: GPO playing techniques:help

    Edi, Though the piano part of your comp. sounds and works very well.The solo violin(??) doesnt sound \"connected\" to me. Like, from midi note to midi note the lines don`t flow together gracefully and therfore sound \"more\" artificial than they need to be. I get what your going for compsitionally though so don`t worry about that. I would just try to connect notes together more realistically using more articulations and overlaping midi notes to make things sound more\' legato\" Best, Rich

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    Re: GPO playing techniques:help

    A lot of seemingly wayward modern music has a very definite underlying structure that carries the listener from point A to B and beyond. This piece lacked la ligne, the structural arc that is essential to maintaining the interest of the listener.

    Many works that are very much a fluctuating stasis still maintain interest via the use of subtle variation of one kind and another and I think this work lacks such variation.

    A live performance would probably be of benefit to hear just how much more interest could be added by sensitive musicians. As it is, it sounds rather midi-ish and bland - something that can certainly be rectified by a performance. The performers might also be able to suggest ways of making the instrumental writing that bit more interesting. As it stands the piano part is rather dry and forced and could be made far more effective and vibrant.

    Intense criticism aside, I think its commendable that you posted this lengthier than usual piece here amongst the usual 1 minute film-style slow moody or fast action demos. Its nice to hear something different.

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    Re: GPO playing techniques:help

    Thank you all for your kind and useful words, (even Leogardini [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ) I really appreciate that you listened through even though some of you had misgivings about doing so and gave thoughtful responses..


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