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Topic: Atmosphere, Trilogy, Culture, DKH2, HALion - doable?

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    Atmosphere, Trilogy, Culture, DKH2, HALion - doable?

    Well I must say I am dismayed that the trend seems to be these VSTi\'s with self contained samplers. I heard many demos and it is these products that really caught my attention, so I ordered them. The question is, how strong a CPU do I need (and how much RAM) to run all this stuff smoothly?

    I currently have an Athlon XP 1900+, but medium sized projects in SX2 are already sluggish. I have fast, separate audio and sample drives also. 768MB RAM.



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    Re: Atmosphere, Trilogy, Culture, DKH2, HALion - doable?

    I run Atmosphere, Trilogy, Stylus, Halion and many other soft synths on Cubase SX 1.06, with a P4 2.53 and 1 gig 333 RAM under win98se. No problems here. It\'s my understanding that SX2 uses more RAM than SX1, so the more RAM you have, the better. You can save some RAM by using 16 bit instead of 32 on the Spectrasonics plugs, and in Halion by adjusting the amount you preload, as well as using a lower quality setting.

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    Re: Atmosphere, Trilogy, Culture, DKH2, HALion - doable?

    It certainly is doable but you may have to bounce occassionally.

    I once had three percussion tracks in Kontakt absolutely chew up my polyphony and CPU. I rendered them to a stereo audio track and muted the percussion channels.

    So my point is, sometimes VST \'s can eat your resourses even when they dont appear to be doing much. If you tend to load up patches and play them more or less statically you\'ll get lots of mileage. If you are into lots of VST automation; filter sweeps, etc. It will run out a lot sooner.

    Another option might be to build a barebones second system, buy FX Teleport, and then send your one or two busiest (or ram hungry) VST\'s out to another computer.

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    Re: Atmosphere, Trilogy, Culture, DKH2, HALion - doable?

    That rig should work great for those plugs. Just get plenty of RAM (2gb) and that will help a lot.

    Have fun!

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    Re: Atmosphere, Trilogy, Culture, DKH2, HALion - doable?

    Thanks for the replies. I downloaded that FX Teleport demo. Wow. I am so impressed with the stuff people come up with. The problem is, while my audio computer is silent, the computer I used as the Teleport slave is annoyingly loud! Seems I need to either spend money on quieting it down, or buy more RAM so the audio computer is sufficient.

    In any case, I can\'t wait for these products to arrive. I imagine installation will be long!



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