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Topic: Tried to score my own home videos...

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    Tried to score my own home videos...

    Just wanna share these - at least I had fun making them!


    It\'s all about dogs with the prominence of PMI Bos 290, Roland XP-30 and my own anklung sample.

    If you can spare some thoughts on scoring, I\'d be so grateful! I\'ve only had one experience in filmscoring (back in Manila) so on that basis, I\'m such a newbie.

    Thanks and enjoy!

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    Re: Tried to score my own home videos...

    The videos I\'m sharing are only 42 seconds to just over a minute long. These are:


    Thanks again!

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    Re: Tried to score my own home videos...

    I don\'t know what\'s wrong - I tried the links on my computer ind they working just fine.


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    Re: Tried to score my own home videos...

    I only had a chance to watch G-Mo. Cute dog!

    Please tell me you sequenced the piano in and didnt play it live? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Liked the ending too.

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    Re: Tried to score my own home videos...

    Video didn\'t display on mine (Mac G5) but the music was very nice - much like incidental music in a romantic comedy. You\'ve done welll!

    Tell us a little more on how you did this, what you used and any midi programming extras you did. Thanks!


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    Re: Tried to score my own home videos...

    I only got to see the first video (G-mo). I say it\'s hilarious with that ending. The dog, by the way, is so adorable!

    I\'ll see if I can watch the other videos some other time. My internet connection is not exactly designed for video streaming so...

    Nice work though!


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    Re: Tried to score my own home videos...

    Thank you, guys! Well, making them was a bit different because I made the videos fit the music (which have been recorded earlier).

    Scott, yes the piano part was played much slower via midi before pumping up the tempo.

    Again, many thanks!

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    Re: Tried to score my own home videos...

    I have been watching \"Tootsie\" too. It\'s cute too, but not as equally entertaining as the G-mo video. I like the toothbrushing scene.


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    Re: Tried to score my own home videos...

    Nhick, I have only one comment to make. Do you realize how much money you could make if you extended these pet videos for people and marketed the service more thoroughly?

    I read a story of two people in the Philadelphia area who are making Ken Burns shooting style documentaries of normal people and their life story. Turning into a real money maker.

    Not to sound morose, but there is a Hollywood cemetery out here that offers this service for the deceased, as part of a memorial package. I always thought it would be better served for the living.

    Pets are family members. People spend ridiculous amounts of money on them these days...(I know I do). You\'re sitting on a gem of an idea. Add a narration track, extend the time, and people will pay for this to memorialize their pets. You could even scan and pan their pet pictures as well. Can you write narration? If not, try to partner with someone who can.

    If nothing else, it could give you an endless stream of material to write music for.

    My 2 cents.

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