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Topic: Concert Band piece

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    Concert Band piece

    Here’s a concert band piece I just finished, no name for it yet. It’s uses a lot of different libraries, and a lot of layering. Mixing is always the weakest link in my workflow so if anyone has suggestions, that’d be great.

    This is written for a grade 2/2.5 level band. None of the woodwind or brass players have anything faster than an 8th note and they’re all within their respective range limitations. Although they will need some endurance.

    The drums on the other hand are the unstoppable force here. I must have a thousand drummers playing at the end. I also included an optional electric guitar part. I’m fairly certain that most schools have guitar players and thought it would be fun to add that to the band. This might not be one of the greatest concert band pieces written, but I think it would be fun for young kids to play.


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    Re: Concert Band piece

    I like this, Jeff. May we see a score? Very dramatic, and, yes, the drummers will like this, too. In your rendering, how about spreading out the ensemble more? Sounded to me as if everything came from dead center.

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    Re: Concert Band piece

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Turner View Post
    ...Mixing is always the weakest link in my workflow so if anyone has suggestions, that’d be great...
    Already sounds great to me, Jeff! Pretty spectacular piece in that dramatic, soaring style popular in Concert Band catalogs. I had it playing on the speakers, and as it finished, my wife walked in and said, "That sure is pretty!"


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    Re: Concert Band piece

    Awesome, reminds me a lot of the trailer for "Man of Steel's" "What Are You Going to Do When You are not Saving the World."

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    Re: Concert Band piece

    Hi Jeff,

    The piece is of an outstanding musical quality. But as you mentioned, the mixing and final editing could be better. Simply try to make more 'space' (in the panning and depth with your reverb or impulse respons). And after that, you should normalise everything. That can be done with a free app such as AUDACITY. But before you do, make sure that your mixing is finished and up to your taste.

    Thanks for the lovely music and for sharing it with us,


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    Re: Concert Band piece

    Very Heroic. I just watched Cosmos and this fits in so well with that concept. Wonderful. It's more a grade 3 to 3.5 work. A high school could program this as an intro. Wow, nice stuff! Wish it was longer!

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    Re: Concert Band piece

    Thank you all for taking the time to listen and comment. I really appreciate it and am taking all comments seriously.

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    Re: Concert Band piece

    Wow! I know as a 13-year old playing in a concert band in England, I would have loved to have played this! Definitely playable, but at the same time, it sounds like no compromises were made.

    Not much to add to what's already been said, other than personally, I might have liked a quieter section inserted somewhere, perhaps before a buildup to a fortissimo.

    Just great! Thoroughly enjoyed this! If this gets performed and you can manage to make a recording, I would love to hear it!

    Thanks for sharing
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