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Topic: Drum n Base Samples

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    Drum n Base Samples

    I\'m searching for a Drum n Base Sample CD.

    I\'ve listen to some of the developers demos and found that the sound I liked the most was the Prosample Drum n Base 1 CD.

    The big problem is that I don\'t want \"construction kits\" or Loops, I want seperat Instruments such as specific Drum n Base Drum kits and Basses, some synth pads and similare sounds are welcome but not nessecary.

    Do such sample CD exsist.

    Thanx for all help.

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    Re: Drum n Base Samples

    Well if you are in to programing your own beats and then choping them, filtering them fx and all that nice stuff, my advice would be to get DANCE MEGA DRUM KITS.
    It has 500 drum kits, which are made out recycled and choped loops. It has a very good sound and 500 kits is a lot! The sound goes from hip hop, RnB, House some techno and DnB and Tech Step hits...The only downpoints would be lack of any kind of categorisation (programs are just called kit 1 to 500)...and probably lack of good cymbal samples, rides and crashes..
    If you like raw loops, go for the Jungle Warfare, you can get all 3 cd\'s now for a redicilous price as a bundle both from SoundsOnline and TimeSpace.
    Oh my advice is to stay away from Kodish DnB CD, demo sounds very cool, the drum recordings and playing is top notch but the amount off loops is redicilously small and the they all sound the same more or less.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Drum n Base Samples

    Metamorphosis is available in native GIGA and has some Drum \'n Bass stuff. Every hit is available seperately for every groove, so you can program your own stuff to your hearts content.

    Received five stars from EM this month and top awards from every magazine.

    Our Stylus virtual instrument also has lots of D&B stuff and is fully Groove Controlled too.

    You can\'t go wrong with either.


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    Re: Drum n Base Samples

    Does anyone regognise where ANY of these drum and bass sounds come from? I generally dislike drum and bass but i really quite liked this Bill Brown piece. Eric, are the voices from Vocal Planet?

    Bill Brown - MercedesDrumNBass (tv ad)

    And while Im asking the above question, does anyone know how Bill did the bizzare effect at the start of this piece? It sounds like he reversed a loop... but does anyone know what library it came from? I know there is a bit from Distorted Reality in there.

    Bill Brown - Gatorade Propel (tv ad).mp3


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    Re: Drum n Base Samples

    Yeah those are some nice tracks. The Gatorade one is about 90% Distorted Reality 2 (using the Groove Menus it sounds like).

    There\'s definitely some DR ambiences in the first one (and probably SOV Pop Stacks.)

    Drums in the first one have some Metamorphosis at some key points and a number of other non-Spectrasonics things for the drums too....it\'s fairly dense.

    Very tastefully done.


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    Re: Drum n Base Samples

    That effect was done by simply reversing the drum track for a few bars....always a great effect.


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    Re: Drum n Base Samples

    Well, Bill is a big fan of Spectrasonics, so no surprises there. Some day I will get SOV, but I gotta go back and review all my Spectrasonics demo disks. Percussion and other atmospherics are becoming more important to me now...
    Meanwhile, y\'all are talking about some new Spectrasonics products I have no idea of what they are or what they do. Geez, always on the learning curve...

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    Re: Drum n Base Samples

    Thanks Eric (Spectrum), I am going to be getting Metamorphosis soon, are the grooves very different to the Distorted Reality ones?

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    Re: Drum n Base Samples

    Originally posted by Ed:
    Thanks Eric (Spectrum), I am going to be getting Metamorphosis soon, are the grooves very different to the Distorted Reality ones?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yes....I did it much more recently, so it was done with different tools and techniques like Absynth, Reactor and Reason and more plug-in based tools. (Hence the name \"21st Century Grooves\".)

    MM is much larger library of grooves than both DR libraries put together. (grooves are only a small part of the DR libraries). Most importantly, every groove is available in a Groove Control™ version on MM, where that\'s not the case with DR....BIG HUGE difference there. You can really create an infinite variety of your own grooves with Metamorphosis using GC.....it never really \"wears out\" that way like other loop libraries do.

    The similarities between MM and DR1/2 grooves would certain come from the fact that both libraries have \"processed remix-style grooves by EP\", but I\'m intentionally always striving to push myself in new directions and approaches, in order to make new material that compliments, rather than replaces the things I\'ve created in the past. (and hopefully, by doing so, the products then can last a long time and be useful for many years)

    Hope that helps.



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