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Topic: New Demo featuring DDBE

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    New Demo featuring DDBE

    I finally got around to putting together a demo of the new Dan Dean Brass Ensembles. This one only includes the staccatos but I\'ll probably be creating others soon to show off the NV\'s, mutes, etc. The strings are GOS and the percussion is Ultimate Timpani and LOP.


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    Re: New Demo featuring DDBE

    great work as always timzydee

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    Re: New Demo featuring DDBE

    Thanks King. And thanks for your work on this great library.

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    Re: New Demo featuring DDBE

    Tim, I am sure this is great stuff - but the MP3 quality is letting it down. Any chance of a higher bitrate? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: New Demo featuring DDBE

    So what do you do in Fort Worth, man? We should have a DFW happy hour sometime...we could get Ed Lima to join us, I know, and maybe some other DFW GigaHeads would come out of the woodwork!!


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    Re: New Demo featuring DDBE


    I used 128, but it\'s interesting that you mentioned that. I seem to get different quality playback with different players. Media player will cause audible jumps in the sound with some mp3\'s and not others. Music match doesn\'t jump but has a weird degradated quality. Which are you using?

    Is anyone else hearing a problem?


    I\'m trying to make it as a composer, which is tough. There\'s probably alot more going on in the DFW area than I\'m aware of. I\'ve done mostly student films but have also worked with The Listening Chair and KERA.

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    Re: New Demo featuring DDBE

    If possible (with your webspace and bandwidth), try to use 192 kbit with this kind of music. It is really significantly better than 128.
    For the \"jumps\", maybe you have used VBR (variable bit rate)?
    Good encoder is LAME, with the handy Razorlame GUI app.

    My 2 cts,
    Thanks for the cool demo!

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    Re: New Demo featuring DDBE

    Timzy, if you use MusicMatch, first check to see under \'setings\' that you are using the mp3 CBR at 192 kbps.
    Then go to \'Advanced\' and look at your mp3 encoding section. Make sure the signal processing is set to Very High. I used to have it set to Normal and lost a great deal of sound quality because of that. You\'ll notice a HUGE difference if you do this.
    Also make sure your DAE speed is set to 1, so it records at the slowest rate possible for no digital errors.

    Hope that helps. Nice job on the demo to btw [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: New Demo featuring DDBE

    Thanks Damon. I had only been using Music Match as a player. But now I\'ll switch over to using it as my encoder as well.

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    Re: New Demo featuring DDBE

    I\'ve updated the bit rate on the demo as well as others on my site. Check them out.

    Action Demo

    Other demos

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