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Topic: Mock up for VSL Overdrive

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    Mock up for VSL Overdrive

    I did a mock up of the song \"Black Star\" by neoclassical rock guitarist phenom Yngwie Malmsteen, using VSL Overdrive guitar. The solo guitar intro is supposed to be a nylon string, so as soon as I can get the Concert Guitar, I\'ll change it. The bass is EW Hardcore Bass, and the fantastic drums are Scarbee SID. I know this won\'t be everyone\'s cup of tea, but it\'s one of my favorite guitar instrumentals. Making it was a real education. Feedback appreciated. Link:


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    Re: Mock up for VSL Overdrive

    Yeeesss , punk [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] !!!

    I really don´t understand anything about rock , but I liked it [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] !!!

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    Re: Mock up for VSL Overdrive

    Hi Ray,

    a very good job, expecially for such a huge piece like \"black star\" [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] . With the exception of some small bend passages (i think due to the wheel range) all is very similar to the original.

    Just a few things you may improve IMHO:
    There\'s an excessive medium balance on solo long notes. Maybe you can try with an equalizer.
    Also try giving a subtle distortion to drums, to obtain a more dirty sound, expecially on ride.
    Last thing, try lowering release time of samples (if they are over 120-150ms, to obtain a more dryier sound. (I\'m not a big fan of default samples release time included with libraries).


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    Re: Mock up for VSL Overdrive

    Hey, cool...

    I would agree that you could take this demo up a couple of notches if you get the drum sound up front and gut-pounding, and put some hair on it. It would take some of the \"curse\" off the guitars and pound the track harder. Right now, I feel like the drums are not in the mix...they\'re somewhere about 10 feet back.

    Of course, that\'s always the challenge of doing anything remotely rock with MIDI...there should be a plugin that adds sweat, veins, and beer buzz.

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    Re: Mock up for VSL Overdrive

    Hey Sharmy, I just put two and two together- didn\'t you do the \"Zombie Man\" demo for Hardcore Bass on the East West site? I loved that song!

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    Re: Mock up for VSL Overdrive

    sounds cool, nice job!!!!!

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    Re: Mock up for VSL Overdrive

    Hi Ray! Nice mock up. But where is the Yngwie-vibrato? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I got this album when I started playing guitar myself which was something around 1988 and in those days Yngwie definitely was the One. It was so nice and amusing to hear one of my old \"cult\" songs mocked up like this.

    Next: Far Beyond the Sun? [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    - Mikko

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    Re: Mock up for VSL Overdrive

    Thanks for all of the great feedback. As a mock up, I was trying to make this as true to the original version as possible and, believe it or not, I have the drums a little more prominent than Yngwie\'s original version (and with less reverb). But, come to think of it, why just parrot the original? Plus, the SID drums sound way too good to bury in a mix!

    Sharmy, you\'re absolutely right about the Overdrive samples. I would love to see a variety of pick attacks in the legato samples. I may try to play around with creating different programs with different attack envelopes to see if I can create my own variations. I wonder if you can create Giga programs to control the attack envelope real-time via mod wheel? I have the same pick ups on my guitar as they do on the Ibanez that they sampled, and it has a very prominent pick attack that is sensitive to changes in picking- especially with the amp they use. You\'re also right about Yngwie\'s technique- unlike most speed guitarists, he tends to pick most notes, rather than use hammer-ons and pull-offs. He\'s like a machine- and his picking is always very clean. If I posted a real recording of his playing, I bet I would get a lot of people saying that it\'s obviously sequenced. I saw him in concert once where he played a really fast solo passage, and each time he picked the note he would roll off the volume with the pinky of his picking hand, and then roll it back on after the pick attack in order to eliminate the pick attack from the note to make it sound like detache violin notes. All of this was done on high tempo sixteenth notes!

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