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Topic: Best Rock Drums??

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    Best Rock Drums??

    What do you guys think is the
    best rock drum cd.
    I am looking for loops not
    single hits with intro\'s and fills.

    The style that I am looking for is
    classic rock.

    I already have discrete drums.

    any suggestions


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    Re: Best Rock Drums??

    Well, I was going to suggest discrete drums, but...

    Have you checked out the Joey Kramer CD? ( of Aerosmith fame) I\'ve never heard it, but it might be worth looking into.

    Another option that a lot of guys swear by is \"Drum Kit From Hell\". From what I understand, it\'s single hits, not loops, but there are supposedly MIDI files that come with it programmed by drummers using the sounds themselves. It also might be worth checking out.

    There are also a handful of great loops for rock on the Spectrosonics Backbeat CD.

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    Re: Best Rock Drums??

    Thanks for the reply!
    Can anyone how has Joey Kramer
    let me know if you think it is
    any good.
    Does it have matching loops and fills?


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    Re: Best Rock Drums??

    Joey Kramer\'s set is the most like Discrete drums I\'ve found. It\'s pretty cool and I use it often. Actually, I tend to pull all my one-shots and most of my loops from either Joey Kramer or Discrete Drums. Do you have both collections of Discrete Drums? I actually like the newer stuff better then the older stuff. Chris McHugh is a killer drummer and I just keep finding new ways to use those grooves. They have hands down got the most use of any acoustic drum loops I\'ve got!

    Another option is to check Steve Smith\'s stuff. It\'s pretty cool but not on the level of DD or JK.

    Have you checked Scarbee\'s new drum library? imperial Drums? Pretty slammin and I think they have loops. I also think the new Drumkit from hell will have several loops with it. I have the original version and it\'s very cool for what it is, but it\'s not all that some people have cracked it up to be. And as far as the loops are concerned - they\'re just .mid files that play the samples. They aren\'t true \"loops\" recorded as such.

    One place you CAN NOT go wrong is with Spectrasonics stuff. Backbeat would probably fit your bill pretty well.

    Hope that helps [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Best Rock Drums??

    Yea, I concur with J on the 2nd volume of Discrete Drums.

    I\'ve actually used Chris McHugh on several records, so having him \"In A Box\" is really cool. There is a lot of variety on volume 2.

    Volume 3 (with Greg Marrow and Eric Darken) is supposed to be available soon.

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    Re: Best Rock Drums??

    Scarbee S.I.D. is top ....

    Really unbelievable dynamics ,
    even for heavy rock.

    Great detail and power , not just the topend
    kick typical for DFH ...

    This product is of another class than your regular drum sample cd ...

    Needs lots of ram though, 1 GB on a standalone box , 1,5 GB on your sequencer host


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    Re: Best Rock Drums??

    Forgot to mention that you can do amazing stuff with Slicy & Fillin drummer from musiclabs
    for a drumlib with single hits

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    Re: Best Rock Drums??

    Interesting discussion... Can anybody please comment on \"Real Gigadrums\" from Best Service? To me this is an excellent library, including very useful release triggers for drum rolls.

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    Re: Best Rock Drums??

    In addition to Discrete Drums vol 1/2:

    Drums on Demand are pretty good if you don\'t need multitracks, but want 24-bit loops.
    Check out http://www.drumsondemand.com/

    For brush loops; Brush Artistry

    For straight pop/rock-loops: Chameleon Drums, Drum Necessities (these are in multi-format wich diminishes the number of loops a bit)

    If you don\'t mind a lot of auditioning, Multiloops have an extensive collection of 24bit multitracked loops also in odd times.

    There are also a few good older libraries like
    Drum Tools, Popped, Brushed, but these can be difficult to get hold of.

    I can recommend Acid Pro-4 as probably the best loop application for arranging.
    I have about 50-60 gigs worth of loops, you can never get enough...

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    Re: Best Rock Drums??

    I have GigaDrums as well. The cymbals - the hats especially - sound very nice. I haven\'t gotten excited about the kit they recorded though. I will say the release-trigger function is great for rolls and flams though. I am going to start experimenting with it more here shortly. I like the way that it is recorded with different mic positions that can be mixed together.

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