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Topic: Cheers to Tob

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    Cheers to Tob

    Just wanna say a big thanks to Tob for sharing his free gigs with us. I\'m finding they are all quite useful and appreciate his hard work in doing these sample sessions for us.

    Rock on tob [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Cheers to Tob

    Thanx alot Damon!! Lemme hear some of the samples in your wonderful music!

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    Re: Cheers to Tob

    thank you very much Tob!!!great work and action to share with us.

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    Re: Cheers to Tob

    I hate \"me too\" posts, but still, I third the motion!


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    Re: Cheers to Tob

    I\'ll \'fourth\' that! Thanks, tob.

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