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Topic: How long must samples be?

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    How long must samples be?


    I want to ask you:

    How many seconds should a sample rest - like a piano, Rhodes, bass etc.?


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    Re: How long must samples be?

    I mean - what is waste of space more than 20 seconds?

    Will 15 seconds be enough for most stuff?

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    Re: How long must samples be?

    15 seconds is good enough. You never listen to a solo-ed piano chord for longer than 15 seconds in a composition.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: How long must samples be?

    Thanks Michiel!

    It can really lower the MB required. I am sampling 12 velocities on 73 keys (on my new sample library R.S.P. \'73) so it all adds up...

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    Re: How long must samples be?

    Sounds very cool!
    The use of long samples like up to 50 seconds in GRANDIOSO Steinway D only takes up space. It\'s also a big load for the polyphony pressure when holding down the pedal for too long.

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    Re: How long must samples be?

    This is interesting! I would really like to hear input on this from users!!!!
    What\'s the practical purpose of having a sustaining pianosample that lasts for 90 seconds...??? BUT, would users consider samples that aren\'t \"full envelope\" to be inferiour to the ones that are \"no looped - full envelope\" even if in most cases, you would never hear 75% of the samples.

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    Re: How long must samples be?

    Hi Worra,

    Some things to consider:

    1) Each note must have an envelope that matches the original note since there may be a difference from note to note... If you play a chord on a real Piano the overall sound is made by the different envelope, lasting of each individual key. This can be destroyed if all notes have the exact same envelope, etc.

    2) Some notes will have a radical change in the sound after a while - we should make sure that we first loop when the sound is even for the rest of the time.


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    Re: How long must samples be?

    Hi Michiel, Worra, Scarbee,

    Maybe I\'m in the minority, but I use those long samples!!!

    For instance, I often use a piano in a way that uses very few notes, and lets them ring for almost until they disappear.

    Scarbee, I think one thing that is important about a Rhodes is the attack (which is probably why you are using 12 velocities). But the sustains usually sound very similar after the initial attack dies down. In this case it\'s too bad GigaStudio doesn\'t support ATTACK samples...I\'ve suggested it.

    Are you sampling a Suitcase or a Stage? I have always thought release triggers would be nice on a Rhodes, since it does have a degree of damping noise that\'s unique. Good luck!!

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    Re: How long must samples be?


    most of the work I do is over before you get to hear the end of the full length decay of a piano note [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    15 seconds sounds like a fine compromise to me.

    Let\'s hear from the guys who used to complain about \'sample bloat\' then, eh!

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    Re: How long must samples be?

    I still think it\'s too much.

    10 seconds is more than enough, and i\'d preferably see it looped at 5-6 seconds.


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