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Topic: QL Vota/Brass Deal

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    Re: QL Vota/Brass Deal

    nope, there was a labor day deal this weekend, but I checked VotA and QLB for ya, wasn\'t as cheap.

    waht was it before. I forget. 599 total?

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    Re: QL Vota/Brass Deal

    $499 [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    QL Vota/Brass Deal

    Anybody see the combo QL Vota and Brass package deal around anywhere recently? (like the one SOS had a couple of months ago) Thanks


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    Re: QL Vota/Brass Deal

    Thanks guys. Send out an SOS (pun intended) if you see it. I check every day since I\'m out to get these two packs, but I could still miss the 27 minute window where they put it on sale.


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