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Topic: 1000 cycles

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    1000 cycles


    I\'m working on six documentaries. I\'m a composer but the guy ask me to edit the sound track. Of course, he ask me a \"1000 cycles\" before each documentary. The problem is : how can I do that ? Sound Forge ?

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    Re: 1000 cycles

    yes, in Sound Forge you can create a sine wave of any length, at whatever frequency you want. It\'s under the \'Synthesis\' option.

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    Re: 1000 cycles


    I’ll just add a little more detail to what Oliver said: Go to the Tools menu and pick Synthesis/Simple. Choose “sine” wave. Set the length and level to whatever was requested and the frequency to 1khz.


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    Re: 1000 cycles

    I\'d be curious to know the level that they want the signal, compared to full scale.

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