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Topic: The Song of Peace (Piano)

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    The Song of Peace (Piano)


    This is the revival of a very old composition of mine. In my early days of composing I created a piece called, "The Song of Peace." This is back in the day where I used to think songs were just compositions. The original piece was probably my 5th or 6th composition created. The Song of Peace focuses on on peace... but is it really peace, or is just the eye of the hurricane?

    Libraries Used:
    - The Black Grand Piano (Sampletekk)



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    Re: The Song of Peace (Piano)


    Great to hear an 'old' new composition of yours. Even greater to hear you presenting more music on this forum. It's always a pleasure.

    Nice piano by the way!


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    Re: The Song of Peace (Piano)

    It's been too long since we've heard from you, Richard. Sounds like your old piece benefited greatly from you re-visiting it, and undoubtedly bringing this new level of sophistication to it that we can hear. It's pretty, it's sad, it's very lovely - I especially liked the opening part where it sounds like you sat down at the piano to improvise, and out came this delicate, thoughtful moment captured with the keys. Nice work, Richard.


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    Re: The Song of Peace (Piano)

    The title is a bit misleading though apt. It is peaceful but there is a texture to it that hints at restlessness or something just beyond reach. Especially in the last chord. It seems to leave you hanging for more or at least resolution. I am glad you went back and revisited this work.
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    Re: The Song of Peace (Piano)

    Thanks for the listening to the composition. I love reworking my oldest pieces. Coming back on this one was a real great experience. I have so many old compositions that need some touch ups. Thanks for the comment on the Piano too. The Black Grand is still one of my favourites. It has a different feel than the Emotional Piano by Soundiron. Both are good but fit different purposes.

    Thanks for the feedback, Randy, I am glad you enjoyed the piece. It has been too long... I did work a little harder on piano this time around combining a bit more rather than my standard stuff, I also did some off grid work. I still can't get good results from the keyboard yet, lol! I have noticed a huge number of composition submissions. I am going to have to get caught up with things.

    Thanks for listening to the piece! It is a little misleading. That isa good way to describe it rich... kind of like a peace that turns into a cliffhanger (is it really peace?). The best I could describe it is the calmness in the centre of the hurricane. Thanks again for the listen.



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