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Topic: OT: "Ca Ira" (new opera)?

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    OT: "Ca Ira" (new opera)?

    Does anyone know anything about Roger Waters\' new opera \"Ca Ira\".

    There was an MP3 of the overture floating around the web about a year ago, but I haven\'t heard anything about it since.

    I know alot of you guys here are \'pro\' and \'in-the-know\'... I was just wondering if anyone\'s heard anything?

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    Re: OT: "Ca Ira" (new opera)?

    The only thing that I saw was this http://www.rogerwatersonline.com/sunday_ind_ca_ira.htm

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    Re: OT: "Ca Ira" (new opera)?

    Thanks leogardini, the article was a fun read, wierd to hear them predict the \'classical\' genre\'s fan\'s reactions. But sadly no release date, it just says it\'s planned for later this year, but I\'ve been hearing that for the last two years.

    Anyone else?

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