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Topic: ? on Voices of Apocalypse and giga

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    ? on Voices of Apocalypse and giga

    I was planning on buying the voices of the apocalypse cds for giga and a giga studio.
    Can I get by with just the basic $99 gigastudio for using with the voices cd..Or do I need one of the other giga studio versions?
    What I would like to do is to create the voices music on my pc (windows 98 with sound blaster live value sound card - GSIF compatible? I don\'t know do you?) and then play the completed music out of my PC in real time through a mixer and into my editing computer where it would get digitized for editing.

    Is this possible?


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    Re: ? on Voices of Apocalypse and giga

    I would not recommend GigaStudio 32 because you WILL run out of polyphony very quickly. If you want to get Gigastudio but dont need extensive midi playback then go for Gigastudio 96, you can always upgrade to 160 if you need to anyway.


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    Re: ? on Voices of Apocalypse and giga

    Yes, the Voices library is a polyphony hog. you need Giga 160.

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    Re: ? on Voices of Apocalypse and giga

    If you\'re happy with the noise floor on the SBlive, you\'ll be able to play in realtime and get a stereo feed to your mixer no probs - but get Gst 160 - you\'ll need the polyphony.

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    Re: ? on Voices of Apocalypse and giga


    you need 96 atleast, but I\'d say 160. Even a dedicated machine would be nice, but you dont NEEEEEEEEEED it

    As Nick says, its a hog. The release triggers are
    the greedy pigs

    remember with an SBlaster compatible you\'re limited to vxd drivers, so you cant use windows XP/2000

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    Re: ? on Voices of Apocalypse and giga

    Thanks for the advice/information.
    I will definitely get the giga upgrade then.

    Much appreciated

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