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Topic: Problems with Culture and Trilogy...

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    Problems with Culture and Trilogy...

    Man this is annoying. Just installed these today (and Atmosphere which is working fine).

    With culture, when I play it in SX2, all I get are these horrible buzzing sounds that persist even after I release the key. Doesn\'t matter what patch I load. If I mute the channel it goes away.
    Can\'t imagine what is going on here. When I run it standalone, all seems ok.

    With Trilogy, I authorized it ok, but upon launching SX I get a Could Not Load .dat file error. When I launch the GUI, it shows no presets.
    I installed it in the same manner as Atmosphere, so I don\'t know what on earth is going on here. 1 out of 3 isn\'t very good...


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    Re: Problems with Culture and Trilogy...

    Culture - You need to use \'Old Host Behaviour\' in SX2. It will then work fine.

    Trilogy - I should try reinstalling. You won\'t need to authorise it again as far as I know.


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