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Topic: Low Bass in Movie scores

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    Low Bass in Movie scores

    Every movie score seems to have this very low and emotionl Sub-bass that seems to give the sound tracks alot of weight. I\'m not talking about a bass guitar track it\'s almost like a sound effect. Any ideas how to recreate this with samples?

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    Re: Low Bass in Movie scores

    I heard a friend\'s piece once that sounded this way too. He said it was one of the oldest tricks in the book (Where this book is, I don\'t know... but sign ME up for a copy! hehe), and he used to do it with old general midi synths and the like.

    Copy your string bass line to a new track, and change that patch to some kind of warm synth pad, or a combination of a few. Something that give a nice gentle rumble, but doesn\'t sound like any of your bass instruments. I don\'t remember exactly, but it seemed he put a 100% reverb to dry ratio, a bit longer of a delay (unless the patch naturally fades in), and a fairly short decay. So that you get the timbre of the true bass instruments right at first, then the light rumble fades in, but sounds more like the hall resonance of the basses, not the pad, but it doesn\'t interfere with the clarity between notes.

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