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Topic: New Dan Dean Brass Demos

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    New Dan Dean Brass Demos

    Ok, hopefully these show off the libraries a lot better than my last attempt. All of these demos are Dan\'s Brass Ensembles and Solo Brass.

    Theme from Air Force One (just brass, no ww or perc):


    Part of the theme from Hook (again just brass. There is a silent hole for a few seconds where there was nothing really interesting going on in the brass so I skipped it. And yes, the trumpet is too loud at the end.)


    Just a quick snippet of Khan\'s theme from Star Trek 2 to show off how you can do tough passages and still make it sound good. Yes, the trumpet is supposed to be that high--that is pretty much identical to how it sounds on the soundtrack:


    Hopefully these will get people as excited about the libraries as I am.

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    Re: New Dan Dean Brass Demos

    Originally posted by Jamieh:
    Hopefully these will get people as excited about the libraries as I am.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Mmm, not me - it still sounds synthy and even a bit AO-like to me. Sorry. Maybe you should expose the library more without applying the verb/echo.

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    Re: New Dan Dean Brass Demos

    Hmmmm, I don\'t really see how anyone could mistake the brass for AO. I have AO and this is what it sounds like on the same Air Force One clip. Compare it to the Dan Dean stuff, especially on the attacks:


    Here is the original soundtrack material I was using as a reference:


    I dunno, maybe my ears are failing me, but the brass in the original material and in the Dan Dean .mp3 I posted sound quite similar to me. I know it is a bit hard to compare since I only have the brass in and not the ww, strings and perc. Also I am sure there are all kinds of tweaks I could make to improve on it if I had experience with the new ensemble library.


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    Re: New Dan Dean Brass Demos

    Hey Jamieh,

    Like the old saying, \"You can\'t please everybody!\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I agree that the Dan Dean samples are still miles away from the brass sounds of AO and I think most of the reaction you\'re getting is mainly from the way the samples are being used. Even the most brilliant ensemble patches will show cracks when left strictly naked, exposed by themselves without any orchestral context (that is nothing coming before or after, nevermind during play)
    I\'m not suggesting that these newer samples should be hidden under a layer of textures all the time but with ensemble patches, context is very important.

    Do you want to try a little experiment? You might have to spend a bit more time on this but it might be worth the effort in the end.
    I\'m gonna post a short clip from Randy Newman\'s score to A Bug\'s Life.. It\'s a brass heavy snippet from a cue in the score.

    Real Version: BugsLifeReal.mp3

    Here\'s my (subjective) transcription [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Midi file: BugsLife.mid

    Instrumentation is:
    Flutes (mainly tremolo)
    Violins 1st/2nd
    and Timpani

    I have tried to make the midi file as simple as possible. I didn\'t have the time (nor the patience!) to put together a scoresheet of the transcription, which would\'ve given you an easier way to figure out the details of orchestration. I\'m sure though you can compare the midi file with the live orchestra version to get an idea how it is supposed to sound. There is enuf there instrumentation wise to test most of the more nimble brass samples, including dynamic shifts, staccato vs Port, etc...

    Have fun, and of course let us know how it sounds like with Dan Dean samples! I really like his sample work. The woodwinds are great.

    It would also be great to hear some of the warmer p/mp samples in another context like the following:


    but that\'s for another time [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: New Dan Dean Brass Demos

    The music sounds pretty cool and you can certainly tell that this library is going to rock. One thing to try is with the Brass repeating staccatos. There are supposed to be alternated attack staccato samples mapped like up and down bows in that library. (that was one of my wishlist items) Try using those instead of repeating the same samples. (like the very begining of Hook) That alone will get you 90 percent there.
    Good luck

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    Re: New Dan Dean Brass Demos

    I think most of the reaction you\'re getting is mainly from the way the samples are being used. Even the most brilliant ensemble patches will show cracks when left strictly naked, exposed by themselves without any orchestral context (that is nothing coming before or after, nevermind during play)
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I think this is probably the problem. I thought that listening to the brass naked would give the best way to evaluate it, but it would sound better with the rest of the orchestra in there. I\'ll try to do some demos in context, but I have to get my dual-giga setup running so that I can get my full orchestra loaded. Unfortunately the girlfriend is already mad that I\'m spending more time with my computer than her, so she has claimed this weekend. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Maybe next week.

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    Re: New Dan Dean Brass Demos

    Jamie, can you post one or all of these clips completely dry, perhaps made with the dry samples rather than the ambient ones? That way people can hear what it sounds like with their own reverb added. I really don\'t like whatever reverb you\'ve used so would like to hear how it sounds with the GOS impulse in Altiverb.

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    Re: New Dan Dean Brass Demos


    I took a bite [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Even tho I\'m supposed to be doing remixes for Stormdrums. I however needed a \"melodic\" break.


    both bugs life are mockups, you can check Gulliver\'s post for the real one.

    DDBE is only Horns, Bones, and Trumpets. So I added Tuba from QLB and a little AO. As well as an added bass bone from DDSB.
    (I forgot about DDSB tuba, and didn\'t use it)

    This is no EQ. Just straight two channels out of giga to the \"dry\" version, then added reverb to make a \"wet\" version.

    I personally think the passage with the bones/tuba sounds pretty bad in these mockups. Its mostly because the tubas I used aren\'t really all that fantastic (cant wait fot QLSO!!).

    Also I think I could get it to sound even better if I sent out each section to seperate tracks, so I could EQ them.

    Other things to note. The DDBE stuff is all done with one gig instrument each. That means one MIDI channel for Horns, one for Bones, and one for Trumpet. I did not use any \"alternate staccs\". I really feel that the \"dyn-xf w/GPC attack control\" patches are extremely versatile....but maybe I\'m biased [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    This was only about an hour\'s worth of work, and that includes all the load time for Giga [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] , as well as tweaking the MID file a tad. Not to mention its three in the morn, so my ears are kind of shot.

    The strings are SI, the percussion is a custom edited snare from LOP (which sounds terrible here), and LOP timp.

    Flute is the EXTREMELY too slow trill from AO. I would have time compressed it if I was doing something more important.

    There are some problematic parts in comparison to the real piece, but I\'m not so sure its DDBE, maybe more likely, the tubas I used in that tuba/bones unison section. It could however be that the bones need some better sequecing on my part, or EQ in general with the reverb.

    Bottom line, this stuff could be much better, but its not my intention to throw too much effort into doing yet another mockup of someone elses work. Besides, this shows what the lib sounds like, and that its pretty good.

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    Re: New Dan Dean Brass Demos

    this is more like it.....I really like the bones, nice and fat... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: New Dan Dean Brass Demos

    Thanks for posting the mp3s Kingidiot :-)

    The first time the DDBE trumpets have worked for me. I\'d still like to hear them on their own though.

    Is the reverb in the wet version coming from the samples or added in the mix?

    BTW a new DDBE demo I hadn\'t heard before appeared on the Dan Dean site at the weekend ( http://www.dandeanpro.com/ ). It\'s a rather nice Bach piece although the trumpets sound a little flat and synthy to me and in need of a little \"EXP\"! I wonder during the recordings if the trumpet section were playing just too well in terms of intonation and a litte drift and \"detuning\" would have been better.

    Dave Marsden

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