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Topic: Sample Libraries - Breath Control Friendly

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    Sample Libraries - Breath Control Friendly


    I am just wanting to know, if there are any who are using breath control, and if there are sample libraries, that are programmed to use breath control?

    Second. Is it worth getting a breath controller?Does it make a difference with expression?

    Any Demos, of sample libraries created with just a breath controller? I want to purchase one but do not know if this is worth it.

    What da ya think?

    Please shed some light its dark in here.


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    Re: Sample Libraries - Breath Control Friendly

    Pretty much any library can be made to work with a breath or wind controller. You can either set attenuation to breath, or maybe mod wheel (for x-fading layers). Something I\'ve yet to try, but will do so now that I\'m thought about it, is to use breath for attenuation, and reed bite for mod wheel x-fade.

    I think it was an excellent addition to my gear, but do a little search and you\'ll find quite a bit of talk about it, and instructions to make the changes I suggested above.

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    Re: Sample Libraries - Breath Control Friendly

    I just got a Yamaha wx7, and if you could post any info(source?) I would appreciate it. I\'m struggling... EJ

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    Re: Sample Libraries - Breath Control Friendly

    Hi guys,

    Just do a search in the Sample Libraries forum at Northern Sounds, using wind and breath as your key words. There\'s been many contributions, specially the ones done by Bruce Richardson, that you should really read.


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