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Topic: My accident 2 weeks ago

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    My accident 2 weeks ago

    On Saturday, March 22, I was doing a training run with running buddies in Morgan-Monroe Forest - from noon until 10:30 PM - got in over 32 miles. We are all training for the Indiana Trail 100 Mile Race on April 26-27. We left and I decided to eat at a Bedford Denny's before heading home. Had a great meal - LOTS of coffee! I was 100% awake and ready for a 45-minute drive to Seymour on US 50. I drove out on Highway 37 to catch US 50. A block away, a guy T-boned me - a very violent hit. I have no memory of it. I woke up later in a LifeLine helicopter that was about to take to me to trauma at Methodist in Indy. Next few days were and still are a huge blur and total disbelief that I was in bad shape. My car looks like death - it took over 20 minutes to cut me out.

    Four broken ribs, neck fracture C7, multiple fractures and breaks throughout the pelvis and sacrum region (unreal pain even now), internal bleeding on many organs that thankfully stopped and did not require surgery. bruising everywhere. I was at Methodist in critical condition for a while, then moved to Columbus Regional Rehab for the start of months of rehabbing. Now using a wheelchair and walker. And yesterday back home a week or two earlier than normal due to my excellent shape because I am an ultra marathoner. I had an ultra at the end of this month, but was given a new one with this accident. SO glad I was in great shape. Photos and videos later next week.

    So thankful to God, the EMTs and my family.
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    Re: My accident 2 weeks ago

    Luckily in good health as far as it goes....... Strenght and I'll hope you will recover soon. Rather serious accident, though.


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    Re: My accident 2 weeks ago

    Charles - ! I am speechless - Good God what a horrific thing - My mouth dropped, it's still open as I type - So impressed that you're there at home, in recovery, and able to tell us the tale.

    Holding you in my thoughts, Charles - Here's to the best recovery possible! Take care.


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    Re: My accident 2 weeks ago

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    Re: My accident 2 weeks ago

    Oh my goodness! That's awful! A good friend of ours was hit by a car while crossing the street a couple of months ago. It's been a long road for her to recover. Glad to hear that recovery is progressing well for you, but wow. Sure hope the recovery isn't too frustrating for you.

    Best wishes
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    Re: My accident 2 weeks ago

    My prayers and thoughts are with you. I can't imagine that type of accident. May god be with you on your road to recovery.
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    Re: My accident 2 weeks ago

    Glad you are on the mend.

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    Re: My accident 2 weeks ago

    So sorry to hear this. I wish you patience and perseverance in recovery.

    Take care,
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    Re: My accident 2 weeks ago


    This was a real shock to me. We all hear of accidents happening everyday, but never feel they will include someone that's in our sphere of influence, so to speak. You are 100% right about your recovery rate being faster and more complete because of your previous athletic regimen. You were in great shape and you will be again.

    Now is the time to rest, work with your mind and maybe write some music. Maybe try to emulate what you remember from your accident through music. You might be surprised at what you come up with.

    Know that I and the rest of your friends here at NS wish you well and think about you each day hoping that you will soon be free of pain and running with the wind in your face.


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    Re: My accident 2 weeks ago

    Glad to hear you are out of the hospital, and here's to hoping you are feeling 100% soon! Having a close family member in long-term rehabilitation (for completely different reasons, and just down the road from Methodist, btw ), I know it can be an incredibly frustrating and exhausting experience for you and those around you. I hope your recovery is a good one so you can get back to the running-type of marathons soon!
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