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Topic: PT LE (PC) + GS3 +Rewire

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    PT LE (PC) + GS3 +Rewire

    ...I\'m currently considering this combo for some future projects. Anyone have experience with PT LE (on PC) and Rewire...is it robust? How about RTAS? MIDI timing?

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    Re: PT LE (PC) + GS3 +Rewire

    Hi David,

    Our main studio uses the Digi 002 w/PT LE 6.1.1
    If you can, the 002 is an amazing peice of gear.

    The RTAS all work very well. I use Waves and Bomb Factory the most. Also Amplitube is very cool. SamplTank is sweet and the Pro 52 synth is a monster.

    Send a PM to Nikki K here or at DUC. She is an advanced Digi user and tester.

    FYI - GPO works very well within PT.

    It\'s Pro Tools man! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    Talk soon.


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    Re: PT LE (PC) + GS3 +Rewire

    thanks, SONAR is still my primary, but sometimes just keeping everything in a PT session would be easier logistically

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