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Topic: Good Dirty Rhodes? Vinyl?

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    Good Dirty Rhodes? Vinyl?

    I know there was someone here who made a rhodes patch for themselves that sounded really nice and authentic. Please email to whoever did that pretty pleaseeeee. Also, where can I find some vinyl recording sounds such as that hiss with clicks and pops and such.

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    Re: Good Dirty Rhodes? Vinyl?

    If you have a record player you should just sample those yourself. It\'s really pretty easy.

    Otherwise, just about any house/hip hop loop collection out there has some of that stuff!

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    Re: Good Dirty Rhodes? Vinyl?

    Email sent! For vinyl...you might wanna have a look at a product by izotope...


    its free...AND....it sounds damn nice!!!

    I think you\'ll enjoy!

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    Re: Good Dirty Rhodes? Vinyl?

    great dirty rhodes:
    vrsound giga module
    the best.

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    Re: Good Dirty Rhodes? Vinyl?

    I like Franz\'s Rhodes-but check the demo disks that came with GS, the slow vibrato version is included. If that\'s all you need, it barks nicely.


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    Re: Good Dirty Rhodes? Vinyl?

    That\'s an awesome vinyl plug in there! I used it, and it sounds great. Also free!

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