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Topic: VSL demos- 24-bit, surround?

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    VSL demos- 24-bit, surround?

    Now, don\'t let this devolve into VSL vs. EWQLSO, please. I\'m just really digging the demos from the EWQLSO presentation DVD, and am wondering if there are any demos of VSL that have been well-mixed, etc. that are in 24-bit and surround that I could snag....anybody?

    Yes, I realize they are two different libraries with two completely different approaches. And yet, I\'ve heard phenomenal mp3\'s of both, and would love to check out some VSL in the same format as those EWQLSO demos....Thomas got any?

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    Re: VSL demos- 24-bit, surround?

    At this point, what VSL demos there are have been done with either Altiverb or the convolution plug-in with Sound Forge (I forget its name).

    The other option is to take some of the demos and play them in Samplitude, applying the real time room simulator.

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    Re: VSL demos- 24-bit, surround?

    No, there are no publicly available 5.1/96/24 demos at the moment. But for the record - all of the new productions of Kuno Schmid you find in our User Demo section at www.vsl.co.at were originally mixed in surround. They will be released later this year together with even more of his phenomenal music (including some other surprises I\'m not entitled to talk about yet).

    Kind regards,

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