This is not a post about a library, but I though it might be of interest to you, so do not hold the folly of posting this message here against me.

For those of you on the lookout for some good music, I can recommend the music of Louis Hardin (aka Moondog) to you. I have been looking for his music for quite a while, but I only was able to find two discs on the web, that is, until I checked the German site of Amazon just a couple of weeks ago. They had several CDs of his music for sale, so I grabbed this opportunity to order 5 of his CDs.
For those not familiar with his music: Moondog is the typical outsider who does not fit in any category. He writes music, most of which employ strict counterpoint techniques. His harmonic idiom has been called anachronistic, esspecially since he lived (he died a couple of years ago) in that part of the 20th century when a composer was supposed to sound ‘contemporary’ by using dissonants in order to be accepted. To use a C-major chord in a composition was considered a deadly sin, and it will surprise nobody that the blind composer Louis Hardin, who blatantly composed pieces in F-major when classical music county was ruled by the tyrannical whip of serialist composers at the conservatories, was not taken seriously. Of course, his eccentricity did not help much either (he had a Viking suit with a Viking helm he used to wear [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] ). But his music testifies to an original witty spirit that lives on in his music.
If you wish to check him out, I recommend the CD ‘H’Art Songs’ (You get free Pig squeals in the first song ‘Pigmy pig’, a very witty song), or the CD ‘Sax pax for a sax’, where the spotlight is on his contrapuntal style of writing.

Secondly, the September issue of the British magazine Sound On Sound has a Gigastudio Masterclass article in it. It might be of interest to you.

I’ll sign off with the lyrics of one of Louis’s songs on his CD H’Art songs:

I’m in the world
-where Young and Old
are bought and sold,
but I’m not of it.
I’m in the world
-where Peace and War
are bargained for,
I’m in the world
-where Money talks
to Doves and Hawks,
I’m in the world
-where Kith and Kin
are Moving in,
I’m in the world,
-where Thought-Control
is taking Toll
I’m in the world
-where Joker’s make
Believe the Fake
I’m in the world
-where Lies are Flies
that fill the Skies
I’m in the world
-where Boom and Bust
are both a Must
I’m in the world
-where Law is Force
a Trojan Horse
I’m in the world
-where Good and Bad
are Ironclad
I’m in the world
-where Pride in Race
is losing Face,
I’m in the world
-where Talk is cheap
and Isms creep
I’m in the world
-where Truth is what,
if not a Plot
I’m in the world
-where Death is worth
as much as Birth

Need I say more? Men like him bring colour into the dull grey painting of life.